Chronic Disease

Complementary therapies can reduce the debilitating effects of disease as well as keep you from developing many of these conditions.

Natural health therapy offers support to better manage your illness. The therapies of Reflexology, Massage with Therapeutic aromatherapy prescription blended oils, provide health strategies for all individuals.

This combined therapy provided what you need, to comprehensively effect change of your current experience, and for some of us, where there is a family history of a particular disease, they can implement health strategies for the prevention
of that chronic disease.

How you ask? Through expanding awareness of what is affecting your health, support and application of natural therapies facilitating change at a cellular level and recommendations of support where needed from allied health services.

The degeneration of body systems and organ function seen as chronic diseases, are the effects of stored information from past experiences, or what has been received from family of origin at the cellular level. The modification of the cells through stored information in the form of a fear or a pain as beliefs, impressions and perceptions taken on from family of origin as discovered over 40 years ago, through the Science of Epigenetics, If there is disease within a body, it is the familiar chemistry and recognised operating homeostasis.

This can be changed; the process of changing your chemistry, is actioned at the rate that your body can cope with, sometimes very slowly, at other times a rapid clearing can be experienced. What is stored in the body and mind as toxic chemistry, toxic thoughts and addictive actions can be changed or cleared, you let it go and regain better health, experiencing a higher sense of wellbeing and an inner confidence. This therapy can be applied to any age group.