Kinesiology is a language of communication with your body, it is when you ask your own inner wisdom what is happening within your body to cause you to experience what you are experiencing. Kinesiology is a direct access tool that supports your conscious awareness. Without you having conscious awareness you can not change the things that are the triggers causing your experience. You get to know what you are doing subconsciously. Then you are empowered to make a conscious choice about how you want to think and act.

Allergies Relief

Immune Health

Hormonal Balancing

Kinesiology is a diagnostic tool for clear communication with your body, your innate inner wisdom and used for finding out what is in your neural substrate that holds the memories, the impressions of past experiences that are causing you pain or anxiousness and to worry about the future.

Kinesiology is a recognised non-invasive energetic therapy, used for diagnosing, the needs for the body and supporting your personal wellness. Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines using the gentle skills of muscle testing to access information about your learned understandings and whether these are supportive of health and gives what is needed for you experiencing happiness and contentment. This support is facilitated through connecting with the innate inner wisdom. You have the knowledge and wisdoms of what you need already within you, it is just a matter of connection to this knowledge. For good communication clarity is needed, so the importance of good digestion and a healthy elimination system is of vital importance.

Your body is the storage house of all past impressions of the relationships you have experienced, from the time in the womb to the present moment. Every experience comes through your senses and leaves a memory, a chemical imprint, that forms an impression somewhere within the body that is activated when a similar experience is been felt, or when the craving for more of that experience is being demanded by the body, even thought in your mind, you logically know it's not good for you, you will still do it.....

This is the learned response.

The body knows what affects its energy and its ability to function in the way it does. This normally inaccessible neural substrate holds all our memories, information about our own energetic states. This knowledge is already in your subconscious but not accessible to the mind.

Your body can let you know why it responds in a certain manner, and where the triggers have been placed..

It's your life, and you do know what is best for yourself.

Most people have not been taught to recognise this great language of the body. It is a matter of becoming more aware and asking specific questions of yourself. You can trust your own inner wisdom. But this does take practice.

This communication with your body is most often called muscle testing. In a session the muscle testing is done if the client wished to know more. The source is uncovered and then the priority of what needs to be treated in relation to clearing or healing the imbalances is usually the next step.

Learning the skills of this subtle language with your body, is open to is a wonderful tool to get to know yourself without judgment.

At the end of a session, you muscle test and asked if it is beneficial or necessary to do a further session, and if so, when it would be beneficial for you to come. As the body will be using the oils placed on the body for up to several weeks. It knows what is best in creating health and how quickly or not it can process the new chemistry.

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