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Natural Health Therapy is your local Brisbane kinesiology therapist with a clinic located just south of the CBD in Greenslopes. A therapy session with a kinesiologist can help you learn to communicate better with your body through conscious awareness. Book your appointment at our Greenslopes clinic today or get in touch to ask any questions.

Allergies Relief

Immune Health

Hormonal Balancing

Kinesiology can help improve your holistic health in many ways. From allergy relief and immune health to hormonal balancing, learning to communicate with your body consciously for better well-being is a skill that we all can learn. Our experienced kinesiologist at Natural Health Therapy Greenslopes clinic can help you uncover these skills.

Kinesiology is a non-invasive therapy form

Kinesiology is a form of energetic therapy used for uncovering what the body needs in order to strengthen your overall health. A non-invasive therapy form, the aim of kinesiology is to help you connect with your innate wisdom in a gentle way. We all already have the wisdom and knowledge we need for experiencing happiness, but the skilled kinesiologist at the Greenslopes clinic can help you tap into what is driving you subconsciously, empowering you consciously to have greater confidence in yourself.

All experiences, such as past relationships and traumas can leave memories and impressions within the body. Sometimes these impressions are disturbing our happiness and well-being in our everyday lives, which is where kinesiology can help. You can’t change anything until you are conscious of what is creating your experience. By helping your mind uncover what is stored in the body, this awareness allows you to undo learned responses that are not helpful; kinesiology helps make you more aware and conscious of yourself.

What is muscle testing?

A technique called muscle testing is used in kinesiology to communicate with the body. Your kinesiologist will listen to your needs and offer help in discerning what the internal conflict is and do muscle testing if you wish to find out more about the issues that may be source of imbalances in your body. Once the underlying issue is discovered, your kinesiologist can suggest what the next steps can be, to begin the healing process. When your kinesiologist is testing your muscles, the question is also asked as to what the body needs to clear or balance the condition. This may include changes in foods, essences or the use of pure essential oils that the body uses to repair and heal itself over the following weeks.

Muscle testing is a wondrous tool to help you learn the skills to communicate with your own body. All of us have this ability, and muscle testing done by a qualified kinesiologist at our Greenslopes clinic can help you learn this subtle language of communication with the body. At the end of each appointment, muscle testing is used to ask the body whether it needs more sessions.

Kinesiology Greenslopes

Kinesiology therapy appointments are offered at our Greenslopes Natural Health Therapy Clinic. Our experienced kinesiologists in Greenslopes welcome you to get in contact to ask any questions that you might have about kinesiology therapy.

The Greenslopes Natural Health Therapy clinic is located at 3/388 Logan Road, Stones Corner in Greenslopes Queensland. Get in touch today to inquire about kinesiology therapy at our Greenslopes clinic.

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