Therapeutic Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Therapeutic Aromatherapy- its use in clearing your symptoms, while creating better health. It is a tool for the body to create freedom from pain.




Therapeutic Aromatherapy- Its use in clearing your symptoms, and creating better health. A precise tool for your body to create freedom from pain.

Therapeutic Aromatherapy, what is it, and how does it differ to the regular and common use of aromatherapy oils?

The difference to commonly understood aromatherapy, in its application of pure therapeutic grade essential oils for the transformation of a current presenting condition in the cells of the body, by changing specific cellular chemistry. The pure oils are specifically chosen for your presenting condition or harmful symptom. Natural Heath Therapy provides a precise delivery of natural chemistry and the knowledge needed in you creating a return of proper function and balance in the body`s systems and organs to improve your Health.

This therapy supports the slow gentle change of the imbalanced state of cellular chemistry in the body, clearing of old learned responses and developing new cellular communication, that supports a new pain free `State` being reached. (Read More)...

Pure essential oils have been used since ancient times for their beneficial affect the human body. This practice has been used to address everything from stress and sleeplessness to a variety of physical mental and emotional issues and like any tradition rooted in ancient culture, there are time-tested guidelines for what works, and what doesn’t.

Natural Health Therapy`s techniques focus on applying precise combinations of essential oils at specific periods of time and for determined lengths of time. It supports balance and transformation of hormonal communication implementing a change at the source of your experience. The prescription blend of pure oils has a dynamic impact on all communication within the body via the chemical exchanges from and into your cells, as well as within the cells. The chemistry reactions and responses create a new experience. This action clears the old past experiences and impressions from the past, and begins to create a new healthy state. It is the various parts of the brain's communication with your vital systems and organs, that sets up the processes of change, and recognition of true healthy actions, being implemented.

Therapeutic aromatherapy is offered in all treatments for the promotion of healing, balance and wellness, easing of distress in the body and the mind. This practice does not make any claim to `curing`. It is a complementary holistic treatment facilitated with the whole person in mind.

Methods of Delivery on recognised symptoms;

Relaxation oil massage; Gives a deep calm state of relaxation for body and mind; the knowledge needed in you creating a return of proper function and balance in the body`s systems and organs that improves your Health using techniques focused on applying precise combinations of essential oils.

  • Full body massage; Back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, hips, buttocks, full legs, ankles and feet
  • Full body, Facial and head; Back, shoulders, arms, head points, hips, full legs, ankles and feet; facial, neck throat and chest.

Reflexology and aromatherapy massage; beneficial for clearing symptoms of; 

  • panic attacks, nightmares,
  • Feeling disheartened, depressed, anxiety.
  • anxiousness about what others might say or do, worrying about the future, forgetfulness; not being present;
  • Anxiousness around control issues or feeling things are out of control; can relate to-skin rashes, acne, Jaw pain and headaches; migraines; Stagnation and the feeling of can’t be bothered and not willing to have a go.
  • Bowel and urinary tract issues-can relate to jaw or face pain and teeth decay; can also relate to worthiness issues around what you are willing to give to yourself. Great willingness to give to others but not to your Self creates a great imbalance.
  • Head pressure heaviness and fogginess in the head; can arise from lower back pain- feeling discontent, feelings of not having enough, dissatisfied.
  • Nerve pain or damage; neuropathy, tendonitis, toxicity of blood, blood acidity creating bowel issues, constipation, diverticulitis, diarrhoea, haemorrhoids; respiratory congestion, breathlessness, tightness in the chest, Kidney pain- can reflect issues around respectfulness,
  • Digestive issues and Jaw/ throat issues; teeth grinding, teeth pain- no heartfelt enthusiasm for anything; Trust issues; respecting `giving what is needed`, not what is just `wanted`.

No matter the physical symptom, it can offer good awareness and understanding of what is happening within the mind, and the body reflects this thinking. These can be addressed through having a new awareness and changing the body`s chemistry. 

Energy medicine; Supports and works for your whole being; Body, mind and Spirit;

Supports experiencing deep calmness and new awareness of contentment...(Read more)

  • Clears stagnation, self doubts; supports clear decision making, confidence in coping with change; Positiveness and self confidence in being able to go beyond a limiting past action;
  • support in becoming calmness, gentleness, actioning beneficial choices; increasing your capability to discern what is real and what would feed the old patterns of behaviour;
  • Clearing the concepts of being lesser than or greater than another;
  • Expanding awareness of true relationship with yourself and clearing old learned concepts around love and love relationships being painful or full of fear;
  • Transforming the actions from learned beliefs and concepts that set up cravings, the fear of Lack, and discontentment,
  • Changing the learned perceptions of love and life equals painful experiences; Transforming Dopamine trigger of pain is pleasurable as this sets up the feeling of Joylessness; whatever you have is never enough;- love of sugar, love of drugs; love of alcohol; love of pushing the body beyond its pain threshold, love of pain in painful massage, or to the other extreme of love of self punishment, low self worth, feeds guilt, self recrimination, self doubt, taking in foods, alcohol, drugs, the addictions to stimulus that the body cannot cope with or process, but the mind craves; An undisciplined mind can set the path to destruction of your happiness but a disciplined mind creates a great joyful happy contented life.
  • Energy medicine gently supports clearing the attachment to pain as the normal way of living; 
  • Energy medicine supports you as your true nature emerges; Clearing the affect from the learned concept of love equalling pain, its negative influences on your understanding of true respectfulness for self and others, trust in your true self, being your real self full of great courage, patience, calmness, confidence and faith in self, connecting with your great inner strength, steadfastness in your true nature of joyfulness, and the practice of becoming content no matter what arises in your life. 
  • You are supported in becoming who you really want to be and how you want to live your life. Joyful, content, calm with great peace of mind.

Pregnancy reflexology and aromatherapy massage;  from 12 weeks to term; labour support for both mother and supporting partner;

  • Techniques taught to Partners for supporting the loved ones during Labour, delivery with specific pain relief techniques;
  • Support of emotional and physical comfort during all stages of pregnancy, labour and postpartum hormonal changes;
  • the application of energy medicine including reflexology, massage, essences and safe selection of pure oils, to clear any fears that arise around life changes and impending motherhood;
  • Supporting experiences of joy, confidence and faith in yourself and in Mother Nature, being relaxed and calm especially in the early stages of pregnancy and birthing.
  • The techniques of energy medicine are safe in supporting clearing any awareness’s, that are based in learned beliefs that cause fear or pain. These can be cleared at any time prior to conception, in the early stages of your pregnancy or through to term, as it also supports complementing the little incoming souls needs, in taking up what you both, have created. 

Fertility health- energy medicine; for both male and female;

  • For balance in health creating hormonal communication; clarity in blood, promote healing for improving blood flow and tissue regeneration;
  • Support of emotional clearing; clearing toxicity from past painful relationships; transform cellular communications to support a balanced state and clarity for better health;
  • Transforming the old subconscious learning’s that are the source of resistant to accepting change in life circumstances or honouring self responsibility;
  • clearing the sense of isolation or aloneness that may arise,
  • For support in elimination of toxicity in lymph system; especially related to past painful relationship changes
  • Support for maintaining integrity of digestive and cardiovascular systems, support of proper immune system functions; improvement of overall wellbeing, focus on mental clarity and cognition, 
  • Transforming attachments to old past memories of painful relationships; acceptance and recognition of true health actions; all treatments to support mental attitude of calm acceptance, respectfulness of self and others; trust in changes, recognition of a true health action in self discipline, self regard for subconscious health and wellness. 

Oncology reflexology and oil massage;, A gentle, light hands on loving touch giving a calm acceptance of letting go the subconscious learning’s from this life. Calm acceptance that death is a natural part of the existence of this Journey;

This therapy supports experiencing peace in letting go old attachments from past painful experiences... (Read More);

  • Improving elimination of waste; treats fluid retention issues; supports immune system responses in internal health of digestive and elimination systems reflecting calmness, acceptance.
  • Cessation of sorrow; especially related to past actions and relationships. Clearing old concepts of low self respect, guilt and the hanging onto body consciousness;
  • Letting go a painful attachment to the body, transforms toxicity held in the body from fear of death, and the fear of change, whether we can perceive it or not with the senses the soul recognises the gift in the moment. It is the Mind that fears its own death; its loss of perceptions and control of existence;
  • Natural Health Therapy supports a sense of freedom, calmness and peace of mind in the transition from life to death; calm acceptance of letting go the subconscious learning’s from this life. A peaceful loving detachment in the mind, give a sense of freedom and great respect for Self, whether the mind is now present or not. Why? Because it is now about the Souls Journey back to the source of the Pure, Perfect, Great universal consciousness, the True Self;
  • Self responsibility; for acceptance of how you have lived this life is the souls responsibility now; To recognise the true greatness of the Self within, is to remind oneself, the true nature of the soul is greatness, pure perfect eternal consciousness, Bliss; it is NOT the sum total of the experiences and impressions of the life held in the body; You are Not this body, you are not this mind, you are far, far more than this. Clear attachments to what you thought you know and value the true greatness of The True Self, your True Self. Calmly accepting that this life has offered much for the mind to let go off, and become your true nature. You are truly beautiful calmness, the truth is you are all the great qualities of the great heart, perfection has always been and is present in every moment....whether you can perceive it or not. It is always there....the Great Universal Consciousness; Peace exists in every moment;

Lymphatic drainage;  full body massage with specifically selected oils for clearing and balancing of elimination channels and nodes, improvement of cardiovascular function and improved absorption of cellular nourishment

  • Transforming attachments to old past memories.
  • Clearing the triggers that keep old toxic patterns in place.
  • acceptance and recognition of true health actions; digestive function and immune system responses supporting freedom, flexibility, better mobility of joints and muscles and clarity of thinking;
  • mental calmness, increases self confidence and acceptance of being less focused on what is happening in the body; less focused on pain;

Baby/Infant and Children’s health issues or concerns;-

Reflexology and Massage, is easy to understand and easy to do; for creating happy contented babies; with specific safe essential oils, gentle focused healing touch with reassurance and understanding for mother and baby, truly gives support for alleviating symptoms of distress that arises in the new little soul/s; in part to their presence here in the big wide worldand in part to the things they have chosen to come and work through this life time;

The ailments and conditions are the physical manifestation of some fear of pain in the little body; this is between the body and the Soul. The experience being felt may be from what the soul has come in with and the things that have been carried on through the matter from family.

In a baby or new infant the mind does not play a part yet, distress seen at this stage of life is a symptom of the new Souls experience of its new role in a new body; It is only when the mental faculties and senses become well developed, the mind plays a most significant role. ..(Read more) 

This therapy of Reflexology works on the whole being, but focuses on the body’s nervous systems, the digestive tract, supporting the brains communication with the body’s digestive capacity and to recognise what is nourishing and what is toxic because of its importance for taking in real nourishment to all cells.

When the internal function of the body is balanced, it creates the capacity for external experiences to be accepted in a balanced way. The body’s nervous systems and immune system functions are instrumental in creating balanced absorption of new experiences, new learning in a calm, peaceful, and confident manner.  

Beneficial for alleviating ailments and symptoms of;- (seek medical attention and check if you believe there to be a physical obstruction to the health and wellbeing of your baby)

  • Babies with `Tummy` aches especially of unexplained origin after everything has been checked
  • Colic- an abdominal pain that may cause indigestion and wind.
  • Positing- the frequent vomiting of small quantities of milk for no apparent reason.- a hiccup of the flow of the peristaltic movement of the bowel affecting the digestive tract.
  • Gastro-oesophageal Reflux- when the acid content of the stomach come up the oesophagus- this is very painful and can reflect an inability to digest acceptance of a new experience.
  • Vomiting- only when it is the copious, projectile and frequent kind, check if there is a medical need for removal of physical obstruction; seek medical advice or if not cause is found it may be an energetic trigger from within the immune system, the rejection of something and affecting the digestive capacity and the willingness to be open to new experiences of what is unfamiliar.
  • Constipation- passing of infrequent and hard stools- often relates to a fear of change; a stubbornness to letting go; often the first appearance of attachments to needing to have control of your world; hanging on too long lets the rubbish back into the systems of the body instead of eliminating it. This increases toxicity of blood, affecting nerves and muscles. Can be alleviated easily and gently with massage over abdominal area encouraging peristalsis of large bowel. Massage in direction of flow round and outward to anus. Speaking calmly and gently of your little ones wonderful courage in coming in and the unconditional support they have from family, and friends and being willing to engage fully in life’s new experiences. Only they know the challenges they have come to clear around any previously learned painful experience; give great encouragement, confidence in letting things pass;
  • Babies with Headaches; sometimes hard to know what is happening in that little head; can appear as-
  • Unsettled babies; constant crying and this kind of crying will eventually end up as a tension headache. Often associated with the ability to breathe deeply;

breathe restriction associated with the diaphragm muscle and tension in between the shoulder blades at the back and several points on the head use reflexology massage with gentle pressure point stimulation and balancing of energies.

  • Over active babies not wanting to rest or sleep issues-irritable and highly strung babies exhibiting emotional distress, often when baby has been overstimulated, mostly through sound and sight; it can be driven by a fear of missing out on something; offering a quiet environment in this day and age is often not an easy task. Overstimulation becomes the drug of choice for the dopamine response; pain becomes pleasurable, a learned response. To change this response, requires your time to be present, to giving gentle slow massage, quietness, and the person giving the massage breathes slowing and deeply calmly and baby will follow; baby will eventually fall into the same calming rhythms as yourself.
  • For underactive babies, Poor feeders and over sleepy babies and children; get irritated when asked to be present, awake.

A supporting Therapy for giving the best; Reflexology massage with long sweeping spinal work form base to head; Pressure points on sole of feet and in hands and on the forehead to encouraging balancing of energies and tapping into vital force energy for enthusiasm and confidence in embracing the pressures of life;

Remembering  we each have the capacity to meet whatever life offers, calmly and confidently and baby will absorb the same confidence and acceptance in giving the best; acceptance of waking up to being a conscious person, living consciously

Acceptance of waking up and embracing this life fully, completely, giving it the best is all that is needed.

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