Natural health Therapy is a complementary therapy made up of a combination of world recognised proven therapies, that work on clearing the source of ailments, and relieving your symptoms, giving you a choice of natural health options for regaining and maintaining your health on all levels, feeling a stronger sense of vitality and vibrant health..

I provide unique personalised treatment plans, that are focused on your awareness of the SOURCE of what is creating your experience and where it is located in the body, where your ailment is coming from. The symptoms are naturally alleviated when balance is restored.

My name is Clare Nott.  I have been in Complementary therapies and therapeutic health development on and off for 45 years.

My many roles in this healing journey, began in the 70's and 80`s with great opportunities for self learning, experiencing widowhood, being a single parent to my beautiful daughter, involvement with amature theatre for many years, and with the completion of therapeutic massage and later Reiki and energy touch for health then embarking on running my own health business, I thought I was set……. but life's unexpected turn of events, takes me into the hospitality industry for many years, eventually becoming a Chef, and then owning Cafe`s and a restaurant at various times, and managing many businesses along the way, even a short stint in the outback as a shearers cook, challenging isolation and internal resolve. Always learning about people, relationships and life, often drawing many great lessons and wonderful opportunities for change and personal growth.

These experiences honed the skills that prepared me for working with, and communicating on many levels with those I meet, always with the intention of whatever role I play in life, to hold my focus on offering a sense of well being and upliftment in those I work and live with. Whether it was through food I prepared with my own hands, or by the positive encouragement offered to staff, or by the natural balancing of energies through my hands into what I touched.

Then through another life changing event, I returned in 2009 to the Health industry and further Study to open the Health Therapies Practice I am currently offering.

`Natural Health Therapy` A Natural Choice; is a Professional practice offering you natural health options for those who are looking to regaining and maintaining their own health and wellbeing. These natural therapies offer choice for those who seek the solution to their own health, while being supported in their self effort, you develop a sense of wellbeing, self confidence and vitality, a greater self awareness is often the outcome, and always leads to greater health, wellness, and an openness to new experiences. Trusting the unfamiliar feelings of freedom from any old emotional pain, mental fixations, and physical distress in the body. This therapy supports experiencing real Joy in living life. Creates a great sense of enthusiasm for fully engaging in your life, and along with guiding self effort, do clear away whatever blocks a person experiencing real heart felt joy, and contentment.

The focus is to recognise what systems, organs and cellular functions need support and changing or clearing and calming in the body, focusing on you as a whole, as well as clearing the cognitive blocks and mental fogginess, the self doubt that arise from time to time and can be the cause of emotional pain and mental agitation. The disregard of your own real needs and feeling compelled to meet the needs of others, is a basis for great discontentment, irritation and feeds into judgments and self loathing and much negative thinking. Regular sessions as needed help induce a balanced mental response to flexibility, contentment and calmness, while supporting acceptance, for those who continually sabotage themselves, and hold a strong fixation on the body and pain.

The value of the mind is recognised and refocused into health options that support Self discipline and self control where strategies are taught to recognise and change the things that are blocking you experiencing better health, freedom from pain.

The practices, provided in sessions actively support the clearing of chronic and acute conditions, trauma, and mental stagnation, irritation, anger and anxiousness. All systems are reviewed, the digestive, hormonal and elimination functions are checked and the ability to absorb and nourish the body are looked at. Review of diet, nutritional balance, detrimental food reactions -cravings and aversions are all addressed. The past does not need to be revisited, but if something comes up into the mind, it is then up for clearing out.

Even though we may have, what is recognised as a common symptoms of disease, there are no 2 people that are the same, and 'the source', of your symptom will have its origin/s in as unique a location or locations,  as you are a unique individual.

The Truth is you have the power within to change that which is not working for you. You are shown how powerful and great you really are. Through Mindfulness Therapy techniques you are able to recognise the power of the mind and refocus it to the best outcome. Recognising what you really need in your life to make it GREAT.

Clinics located in;

Brisbane; at 4/1000 Logan Road Holland Park West QLD 4121  easy access and parking off Barter Ave

Toowoomba; Shop 8 461-465 Ruthven Street Toowoomba QLD   1 hr Parking Ruthven street, 2hrs Duggan Street; 3hr parking in Grand Central of Duggan Street.

Consultations may also be conducted through Skype.

Bookings can be by phoning 0435 845 394 or email.

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