Reflexology is the application of appropriate gentle and firm pressure, similar to acupressure. Reflexology and acupressure are ancient "reflex" therapies that work on the body's communication within nervous systems, organ functions and the brain.

This pressure, placed on points of pain and specific reflex movements, is used to seek out areas of imbalance, or site of the source of your particular experience, (it can be different to the site of the reported pain).

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the application of appropriate gentle and firm pressure, similar to acupressure. Reflexology and acupressure are ancient "reflex" therapies that work on the body's communication within your nervous systems, organ functionality and the brain. Our reflexologist at either the Brisbane or Toowoomba clinic works on the areas of both feet, hands and the face/head.  A firm but pleasant pressure on the zones or meridians that represent the innervation of the different systems and organs. Specific reflex movements help to seek out areas of imbalance and balance the communication of information coming from the painful areas.  In many circumstances, the source of where your pain is coming from may not be where you are feeling the pain and is a referral pain from where your body stored an experience or past trauma.

In the human body, our hands, feet, ears and head have over 200,000 nerves which correspond to every part of the body. At Natural Health Therapy we will work with varying points on the body that are affecting another area. During reflexology treatments all systems receive attention. This works by focusing attention along energy lines or meridians which correspond with your organs, the communication coming from the brain to the different systems throughout the body.

When a reflexology treatment is given, we can treat the whole body by working areas and specific points that represent the internal areas. These points and specific treatment areas appear like a map of the body and correspond to the left or right sides of the body represented in the hands, feet, ears and/or head. The mind's influence is an important factor in natural therapy success. It is not just reflexology, but giving the mind awareness of possible thinking that allows not only symptoms to be treated but also the cause by getting to the source of the issue.  Once your deeper source is cleared there is no possibility of going back to it. The pathway is clear.

Reflexology is listed under ‘body-based’ therapies that rely on the structures and systems of the body, making adjustments to its communication systems to heal symptoms and ailments being experienced. Reflexology is recognised as an effective therapy in the reduction of blood pressure, the balancing of blood sugars and hormonal responses. It improves acceptance of greater nourishment circulating throughout the body.

 Techniques we use for reflexology can bring relief and long-lasting results, such as healing the part of your system that is distressed due to past trauma, whether this is physical, mental or emotional and is causing pain, aches, immobility, anxiety, irritability or imbalance. There is also a specific technique that we use to create an endocrine balance. This is effective in balancing the communication signals between the brain, down the nervous systems to the cause of the pain in muscles, ligaments, digestive organs and circulation to the extremities.

It is known that reflexology supports the alleviation of physical pain and psychological symptoms of mental stress. Hence why many private health insurance companies have recognised natural therapy as part of their extras cover for many years. This is due to feedback from patients having had positive results. (Be sure to check with your health insurance provider as of April 2019 they may not continue to cover any natural therapies, it is now necessary to confirm what your coverage includes.)

How Does Reflexology Work?

The techniques used by a reflexologist are aimed to rebalance the body to a state of optimum health and functionality. Reflexology actively supports nutrient delivery to the whole body whilst enhancing waste removal and creating a balancing effect.

By using pressure points which communicate to the brain signals for stimulating a chemical balance within the nervous systems and improve circulation, facilitate the removal of toxins and healing pain by;-

  • Energising, calming, and providing a deeply relaxed state.
  • Restoring a proper function and supporting a sense of contentment.
  • Helping re-balance the digestive functionality and adrenal action.
  • Supporting the elimination of cravings that are feeding pain to the body.
  • Balancing chemical communication within the endocrine system to major organs and nervous systems.

Why Does Reflexology Work?

Natural Health Therapy encompasses many different therapies including reflexology, which we offer at both our Brisbane and Toowoomba clinics. Reflexology treats the whole person and by addressing the symptoms and also the cause of the issue we find it gives the freedom from pain with greater calmness and clarity of thinking for the mind.

Reflexology therapy greatly benefits anyone who is in pain or feeling agitated. It is suitable and safe for all ages, all genders and anyone with physical or cognitive limitations. Reflexology is especially useful in alleviating pressure, pain and discomfort for expecting mothers after the 1st trimester, as well as being safe and calming for the baby prior to birth. It is widely known around the world that this style of therapy is proven to bring relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

By using skilled techniques in creating the feeling of being nurtured, supported and balanced, you receive a feeling of deep relaxation, contentment and calmness. This helps in eliminating toxins and addresses the unique patterns of past learned responses for your specific conditions or health concerns. It is by working your specific pain patterning in all 3 nervous systems and in the endocrine or limbic system areas, that the pathways are cleared, and a new experience is given to the mind and body and a new level of pain-free homeostasis is established and recognised as the new state of being.

Seeing our reflexologist at Brisbane or Toowoomba can help you or a loved one with;-

  • Alleviating pain and psychological symptoms, of PTSD, anxiousness, anxiety and depression.
  • Enhance relaxation and support better sleep patterns.
  • Support during oncology and palliative care.
  • Improve a wide variety of medical conditions, including asthma, diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune diseases, COPD.
  • The aid of fertility issues, hormonal imbalances, fertility and pregnancy concerns.
  • Relief from lymphedema, node toxicity, clearing blocked lymphatic vessels, drainage of fluid.
  • Maintaining a balance in active nutrient uptake for homeostasis for improved all-around health.

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