Compression Massage Recovery Therapy

NormaTec provides a systematic approach to advancing recovery for any body that is experiencing muscle, ligament or nerve pain due to increased pressure on body being pushed to maintain high levels of stress hormonal responses by all types of activity, especially but not limited to sporting demands, and athletes performing at all levels.

The Approach to Recovery Compression Therapy

NormaTec is an innovative tool that can be used for rehabilitation, providing a an opportunity to get body and mind into a balanced state for advancing recovery and healing within body systems. 

A great tool to athletes and trainers alike. NormaTec emphasizes recovery as an integral part of an athlete’s training through compression therapy.

With NormaTec, athletes are able to establish a full-balanced routine from exertion to recovery, helping them to compete at any level.

NormaTec provides compression leggings specifically designed and created by a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD) for state-of-the-art recovery and rehabilitation.

NormaTec systems utilise a patented pulse technology, proven to help any person recover quicker after any type of trauma, exercise, great exertion or injury.

Benefits of Recovery Compression Therapy

  • Greater range of motion
  • Enhanced blood flow
  • Faster recovery
  • Improvement in blood clarity and fluidity
  • Mobilization of fluid

Recovery Compression Pulse Massage Is Good For:

  • Quicker recovery time after injury
  • Increased circulation
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Relief of minor muscle aches and pains
  • Reducing lymphatic system failures in clearing toxin build-up
  • Balancing adrenal fatigue, Thyroid hormonal responses to muscles and liver.

Your Visit at Natural Health Therapy Clinic

When a patient first uses NormaTec compressing boots, an inflation cycle molds the inflatable leg attachments to the exact shape of the patient’s legs. 

The therapy session begins by compressing the feet in a pulsing manner for several seconds and then release, moving gradually up the leg to the lymphatic areas of the groin.

The leggings can be worn anywhere from 15-60 minutes with varying compression pressure.

While this compression treatment is happening, your therapist will be working on arms, hands, head, neck and shoulders with specific oils, acupressure point massage and reflexology, clearing any limiting, restrictive memory responses sitting in the body.

What Can NormaTec Be Used For?

The NormaTec compression therapy can be used for anyone wanting greater clarity whether mentally or physically, clearer fluids, greater nutrient load going to the cells improving strength and function of the different cells of organs and systems within the body.

The mind is the consciousness in every cell of the body…..legs cells, joint cartilage and fluid cells, bone cells, skin cells, nerve cells, ligament cells, blood cells. The clearer and more balanced the body, the clearer and more concise and balanced the mind becomes. Recognition of the inner nature of contentment, satiety.

The Recovery boots are extremely popular with all types of people wanting better mobility, flexibility and joint movement or when increased clarity is needed in rehabilitation and redirection of energies and thinking. The boots can support increased circulation giving very active people increased stainability, range of motion and quicker recovery time after exercising, or in rehabilitation from a leg injury.

The NormaTec boots aid in the clearing of lymphatic fluid stored in legs, ankles and feet.

Who Uses NormaTec?

It’s a treatment that can aid everyone and anyone who is experiencing discomfort in the limbs of the body.

This treatment is available to anyone who has a sedentary occupation to someone who is working a building site, using physical exertion and body strength to complete the task at hand.

It is a great lymphatic therapy for all types of athletes at any level from working out, to elite competition, coaches, and trainers can use NormaTec.

One study published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research result showed NormaTec accelerated recovery time after normal aggressive training by the Olympic athletes tested, and another study determined recovery compression boots aided gymnasts with increased range of motion with less discomfort. 

How Long Does A Person Use NormaTec?

A typical session with NormaTec compressing boots is 30 to 45 minutes.

A person can use recovery boots after working out, or when feeling sore, making recovery boots a popular workout recovery necessity.

 Boots can be used up to 60 minutes depending on the present state of the body and at Natural Health Therapy Clinic we can determine what would be the best time needed for the best recovery.

How does NormaTec Work?

NormaTec utilises a compressed air system to massage a person’s limbs, mobilise fluid, increasing circulation and removal of toxic which helps speed up recovery time.

The recovery compression boots begin compressing around the feet.

The massage pattern moves along the leg segment-by-segment massaging the limb and forcing fluid out of the extremity.

Three Key Techniques Employed By NormaTec Compression Boots

  • Pulsing: A typical compression system squeezes the body part, forcing fluid out of the limbs, but NormaTec uses pulses that are specifically timed to compress the fluid out of the body part. The pulsing pattern mimics the natural way a muscle pumps.

  • Gradients: NormaTec uses alternating hold pressures, which travel in one direction, forcing fluids to flow in the correct direction.

  • Distal Release: Each of the five different segments of the compression boot holds the pressure on each zone just long enough for the limbs to gain maximum rest, but not long enough to obstruct the person’s normal circulatory flow.

NormaTec compression therapy is not covered by any Health insurance providers.

NormaTec sessions costs including head, neck, shoulders, hands and arms massage with essential oils and reflexology are;

  • 30 min - $47
  • 45 min -$72
  • 1 hour - $95

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