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Natural Health Therapy is a complementary treatment with world recognised and proven therapies, working with your own body's innate wisdom, in clearing the source of your current experience. The relief comes from changing your body’s cellular chemistry, naturally.

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Energy Medicine and Energy Healing by Natural Health Therapy

You have an innate natural great wisdom that is powerful and has a natural healing and restorative action. Each and every one of us has this empowerment potential within us.  Energy Medicine offers your whole being, wellness in all areas, mental, emotional and physical health.

This is done by promoting healing, improving blood clarity, circulation flow, clearing congested areas while balancing and calming your various nervous systems. This focus on the body at a deep cellular level helps clear physical and mental irritation and can help alleviate the triggers of internal conflict. A balanced, calm body in all systems creates a balanced, calm and peaceful mind. We begin by looking at your person as a whole, mind, body and spirit. This approach can support you experiencing health, wellness, calmness and joy within yourself. This new feeling, with practice flows naturally into your life, into your relationships. When you know yourself, you are able to give to your life that which brings joy to you and a sense of security and centeredness with whatever comes up in your life, especially your relationships.

Energy medicine is the application of techniques, skills and knowledge giving you the ability to tap into your inner knowledge. It is not done to you, it is the accessing of your own inner wisdom and It supports you experiencing a new level of greater health, enthusiasm and encouragement, mentally, and support in you experiencing a greater awareness and acceptance of your own abilities. This empowers you to be the best you can be. This therapy supports you through `giving` you opportunity for understanding what your own mind is creating in your life, consciously and subconsciously. It uncovers how your mind is the one affecting the body's functions. Whether it is from the foods you ingest, absorption of fluids, of vitamins/minerals and the balancing chemistry in your endocrine systems communication to the body's organs and system functions. This is facilitated through a special blend of essential oils, or a greater understanding for the mind about its particular attachments picked up from past experiences. Everything given through this combined use of different therapies is given with the intent to restore balance, calmness, good health physically and mentally. This experience of clarity, of a calm balanced feeling in the body is then reflected in the mind.

At Natural Health Therapy in both Toowoomba and Stones Corner, we practice energy medicine and energy healing in a calm environment and offer the information on what your body may be needing at the current time to attain the feeling of freedom from what is ailing you.

You cannot change anything until you are aware of it, and the effect it is creating in your life. The importance of your thinking, the habits, cravings and learned attitudes are recognised and worked with as a part of your process of clearing them. The empowerment comes from your own expanded awareness to what benefits you, and what chemistry your cells need in establishing good health habits. Where possible regaining proper function of organs and your systems. In this process, you develop new awareness and a new focus, of how you choose to be. This unique combination of therapies creates the experience of freedom from pain and freedom from fear.

This practice does not make any claims to `curing`. It is a complementary holistic treatment that facilitates stress relief, promotes healing, relaxes internal conflict, supporting improving overall wellbeing and self-confidence.

What is Energy Medicine or Energy Healing?

Energy medicine or energy healing by Natural Health Therapy actively supports you changing from the old past patterns of thinking that create stress, anxiousness and painful experiences in the mind and the body. It creates new energy pathways for the body and mind to reflect health, vitality, confidence and wellness. We can help you at our practices in Holland Park West and Toowoomba.

Epigenetics the understanding of the source, and why the body responds the way it does;
Energy medicine reflects greater awareness from the science of epigenetics. This recognised study from over 40 years ago, emanating from the world-renowned Genome Project and was continued by a leading authority in cellular biology Dr Bruce Lipton. He, along with several other eminent scientists studying cellular biology discovered the significance of the small cluster of cells that were past on with conception. These cells held the material from a person's family of origin as proteins and were the package of perceptions, beliefs and the impressions of past experiences. It is this small cluster of cells that sit above the DNA instructing the DNA in its formation of energies and influences, causing the body to respond to this presence of cellular information from the parents, and previous generational and environmental influences. These exchanges at the cellular chemistry level are what create our current experiences. It can be changed.  We are NOT a product of our parents DNA. This myth was debunked at the culmination of that project. It opened up the understanding of what causes the damaging behaviours of our cells that affect health and wellbeing. The science of epigenetics has proven that the causes of disease and the symptoms of conditions are from what is already sitting in the cells, like proteins and chemical imprints of the stored impressions from past experiences.  It is these old stored impressions and the repeating of the patterns of response, that creates the current experience being felt, and appears as historical diseases of family of origin.

This discovery showed clearly that cellular energy absorption, distortion or malabsorption is influenced by what we have learned or taken on from an ancestral family of origin in cellular structures, from birth, from past experiences to this present moment.

This discovery uncovered what is recognised as `the sources` of what affects and changes the DNA. The epigenetic structure sets the level of homeostasis; The level of toxicity or clarity is reflected in either health of the body, or the imbalance and ill-health, and also reflected in the mental thought processes, as in repeating the same attitudes as parent or grandparent.

We are made up of energy, the energy we live with, will either support a life of vitality and vigor, filled with thriving confidence and enthusiasm, this then reflects good health, or our energies can create the feeling of restriction, limitedness, low self-worth, lack of confidence and/or fatigue, mental fog, irritation and anger, you then experience the ensuring debilitation and pain. All of these negative painful perceptions around life cause a depression of mind and systems of the body, and can create a sense of not wanting to go on, the feeling it's all too hard, or you may just feel a loss of enthusiasm. It will all depend on what you have learned and experienced, it can reflect painful energy, fear-filled energy or a calm, clear, contentment, nourishing confidence energy flowing within your pathways.

Energy medicine offers conscious awareness of what is creating the current experience being felt; Energy Medicine supports your change to creating a healthy function within your cells and a clear healthy mental response.

How does energy medicine or energy healing work?

By giving the body and mind, a therapy combination that works on the unique source of your experiences, you are able to give yourself a new nurturing health experience, and freedom from your current experience. Even though we may have what is recognised as common symptoms of disease, there are no 2 people that are the same, and `the source` of your symptom will have its origin in as unique a location or locations, as you are a unique individual.

There is no panacea or pill that will work on the source. A pill or action you take may temporarily relieve the symptom for the mind, but pain has to return at some point, potentially as further symptoms, as the original source that caused the symptom, has not been addressed, the body’s old familiar recognised response in cellular chemistry continues to disintegrate with the imbalance, becoming a chronic or acute condition.

Energy medicine combines the conscious awareness with the healing tools of combined therapies that have the capacity to energetically, chemically and vibrationally, support physical and mental changes, including specific DNA changes, that action, clearing or re-balancing processes. It is the body and the mind that clear the source and cause of the imbalance from old familiar patterns of action. What has been stored within, will be released, let go. Temporary pain or agitation may be experienced as the letting go is implemented.

A prescription of new chemistry is given of specially selected pure essential oils, which you place on specific parts of your body, over a specified interval of time as part of the application of Energy medicine.

Natural Health Therapy is the means of delivery, of Energy Medicine, with the therapist working at a subtle level of sensitivity and knowledge, picking up the balance or imbalances of energies, and working with the introduction of new chemistry and essences, to support your changes to clearer communication, feeling empowerment and confidence mentally and physically, essentially in embracing your new way of being. Freedom from pain and to be free of fear. This process feels very unfamiliar at first until your body has integrated the new chemical changes. Fear of the future and fear of the unknown may be experienced briefly.

This process is gentle and respectful. It takes whatever time you need, to facilitate your changes. The power to change comes from your own inner wisdom. The mind does not drive this experience, the mind learns to respect what your body really needs, to give you a great sense of well-being.

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