Vibrational Chemistry

We all give off energy; we are all made up of energy. We are surrounded by energy and vibrations;  The energy of chemical information exchanges within all our cells, gives of a particular vibration.  Your energy vibrates at a particular frequency, unique to your thoughts and feelings. The vibrational resonance of what you are thinking or feeling will change with the thoughts, and reactions to your thoughts, moment by moment.

Energy Resonance

Balancing Change


The energy within us is always flowing, as it is controlled by the breath, and the vibrations are always reflecting what is happening internally and what is being taken from the external world through the senses. The goal of vibrational energy chemistry is to support the body and mind reflecting a clear balanced state, a sense of equilibrium, communicating in a balanced calm way. This very much involves you connecting with your own inner wisdom. This therapy is the integration of the collective wisdoms, of the body, the mind and the spirit in this house of your. This therapy supports you getting to know your Self, and what the mind is involved in, refocusing it to bring joy, clarity, contentment and a happy mind.

Vibrational chemistry of your body is the resonance, the frequency of vibrations your whole being responds too, and reflects the energetic imprinting of what has been learnt as a being. The mind reflects this learning to us, from what is stored within all the cells of the body.

The vibrations coming from your past learning’s, are reflected in the attitudes and beliefs held, emanating from deep within, they vibrate out into your energy field, often referred to as your aura. Eg. A skin rash may reflect a deep hidden anger affecting the chemistry of the blood, creating high acidity. This arises as irritation, as stiffening of the mind over something and stiffness in the joints, it may be seen as impatience or not being satisfied with anything. The vibration is arising from a concept of fear, it can be an anger at not getting something you feel you want or believe you need,  it sits deep within unconscious, but the body is letting you know it is there, by the experience of irritation in the skin or the nerves.

Vibrational energy healing, and energy medicine are the moderns terms, names given to the same understanding that dates back to the ancients, the great sages and the periods of history from the Lemurian, Egyptian, Chinese and ancient Indian cultures. The experiences felt, are offering learning to become aware of what is being created by the mind, in your life. This energy is the universal energy, the great consciousness, your own inner wisdom, reflecting to you a particular energy pattern, it acts as catalyst for transformation, healing and change. The mind is consciousness, it is the consciousness within each and every cell of the body, it is the inner instrument through which the person can change from the old learned perceptions and habits, to a new way of living. Clarity of mind equals clarity in the body and this supporting an acceptance of Purity. Pure foods, pure fluids, pure thoughts, pure love; The Power behind the mind is universal consciousness, the mind can reflect this great consciousness just by focusing on the great qualities that are already deep within each human heart.  

To change your thinking, to change your energy levels, feeling energised,  having more enthusiasm, thinking confidently and calmly when embracing new experiences, then making a conscious choice gets easier and easier. To choose what is beneficial in creating a happy joy filled life long term. The greatest goal is you becoming a reflection of your true Self, remembering your great true nature, vibrating confidence, self care, wellness, self discipline and trust in being having patience, the generosity of spirit, calmness and respectfulness. Being open to CHANGE, requires sincerity, courage, acceptance and trust in something that as yet is unfamiliar. Trusting your own inner great Self. 

How do I unlock the highest vibrational frequencies for great health, wealth and happiness, attracting like minded people into my life; Living a balanced focus on work life, social life and personal life, developing true Self awareness.

To have the higher frequencies of Peace, gratitude, true Self regard and respect for myself and others flowing unimpeded creating wellness, trust and understanding of true love.

What you focus on, is what you become; the change is reflected in all levels of your Being. The body, mind and soul impressions, perceptions, beliefs and old patterns of thinking vibrates out into your environments. What you think is pumped out through your energy field.

You can change everything that is not working well for you.....the pace, what is cleared and when, is initiated by your inner wisdom. As you begin to think positively, respectfully and honestly of yourself, trusting yourself, valuing yourself, valuing what you are offered, respecting what you give out to others, focusing on the best qualities of life is a pathway, that can establish new neural connections in the brain, clear the limbic system of old stored emotional hurts.  Life becomes what you focus upon and what you feed yourself both physically and mentally. Life will reflect what you choose to look at, what you choose to hear, and how you choose to hear it. It reflects what you choose to take in through all your senses. How you choose to see life is very important.

What you give to the body will reflect whether your mind is dictating what it wants or thinks it knows. Is it willing to listen to the body’s wisdom and recognise what is of real benefit to the body`s true needs?

There is great benefit in recognising what you are feeding yourself through your old learned patterns, as it sets up the response to the situations you experience. Are you a comfort eater; Do you think badly of yourself, punish yourself; Are you constantly eating because of a fear, an anxiousness, or a sense of not being good enough, loneliness or because you hold a hidden fear of failing; The thoughts can be cleared and replaced with ones that feed you the change you are seeking. Whatever the quality that is perceived missing, or feel you were not given as a child, is the key. 

See energy medicine for greater understanding of the way to change your experiences by changing the chemistry within the cells of the body and giving the mind the new awareness  needed to cultivate new pathways, you facilitate becoming your new way of being;

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