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Kinesiology is a form of energetic therapy that can help heal through awareness. It is a diagnostic tool that can uncover various kinds of imbalances in the body that are causing emotional stress or other health issues. Natural Health Therapy offers Kinesiology treatments locally at our Toowoomba clinic. Book your appointment or get in touch with our friendly and skilled Toowoomba kinesiologist to inquire more today.

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Kinesiology is a recognised form of non-invasive energetic therapy, using gentle muscle monitoring to help heal emotional stress. It is a holistic form of treatment that takes into consideration the physical body, the environment and the psychological state of an individual.

Healing through muscle testing

During your kinesiology appointment at our Toowoomba clinic, a non-invasive and gentle technique called muscle testing will be used to uncover causes of stress and imbalance in the body. The aim of kinesiology therapy is to give you the tools to correct these imbalances that may be causing you stress or other issues impacting your happiness and well-being. This level of muscle testing can pinpoint where in the body`s tissue you are holding on to stress and any internal conflict that is harming your well-being.

When your kinesiologist is testing your body using your muscle responses, the question is asked as to what your body really requires at this time, especially to clear or balance your current experience. This questioning could include foods, essences or the specific pure essential oils to use, for repair and healing over the ensuing weeks. You may also clarify whether further treatment is needed and if so, when would be best to come back. The body itself knows best how long it needs to process the effects of this treatment session.

Everyone has the innate ability to care for themselves and their bodies with healing energy. However, sometimes we might need a little bit of help to discover how to access this healing energy. That is where the experienced kinesiologist at our Toowoomba clinic can help.

Release Emotional Stress with Kinesiology

One of the main reasons people seek the help of kinesiology therapy is emotional stress. All experiences we have throughout our lives leave a trace in us, sometimes creating harmful patterns of repetitive behaviours we no longer want in our lives. Kinesiology can be a powerful tool in overcoming past experiences and undoing negative thought processes.

The knowledge needed for healing yourself is already in the subconscious, but kinesiology can help the mind have awareness of what it is reflecting and creating in your life. During a kinesiology therapy appointment, your kinesiologist can gently uncover triggers and other information about your energetic states, stored in the body. This therapy can help you learn the language of the body, access your innate inner knowing and become more aware of what is blocking you. This can be very helpful in accepting the things that truly befit you.

Natural Health Therapy Kinesiology Toowoomba

Natural Health Therapy offers kinesiology therapy locally at our Toowoomba clinic. If you have any questions or concerns about kinesiology therapy, our expert Toowoomba kinesiologist will be happy to discuss them with you.

Our Toowoomba clinic is located at 8/461-465 Australia Arcade, Ruthven Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350. For any appointments or queries, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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