Mobility/flexibility Impairment-pains in the muscles and joints

Natural Health Therapy techniques help muscle strength mobility easing stiffness in joints, tension, pain symptoms limiting flexibility. 

Massage and reflexology are great at improving your bowel and urinary systems capacity to let go rubbish in the body and balance your digestive actions. Why because these two systems are a major cause of high toxicity causing pain. If you feel stressed, anxious, angry then you will potentially have very high uric acid and high loads of adrenaline and cortisol that needs to be removed to lower toxicity sitting in the muscles, nerves and collecting in the joints.

The goal of these very effective therapies is to clear what is causing any stiffness and aching in the Joints. Therefore what the mind is doing is also of great importance and recognised as the primary cause of what is happening in the body. An inflexible stiffness in thinking will see the exact same result in the body.

The great thing about Reflexology is its stimulation of blood flow, as well as its calming of the nerves, providing clarity. I use pure essential oils, therefore the chemical communication traveling along the nerves, allowing the body to deal with inflammation and has a balancing effect on hormonal levels.

You can feel the massage warm and loosen up your muscles releasing tension within ligaments. Because your ligaments are meant to slide and glide against one another this treatment frees them up, alleviating your pain.

Kinesiology can uncover the source of your symptoms of pain. Reflexology, FMT (foot mobilisation Therapy) will increase flexibility and release the stagnation of fluid sitting in the joints.

The combination of these therapies is called energy medicine. Energy medicine can uncover the source and cause of pain. Emotional stress and anxiety, high expectation play a significant role in how your body behaves. The clarity of understanding can allow you to let go the old way of thinking or repetitive habits that are often the source of physical pain and distress in the body.

Come and experience Energy medicine deep firm massage that has you feeling calm, clear and more agile, with increased flexibility and responsiveness in muscles and Joints after your treatment.

If you are an athlete or someone embarking on a high level of intense training to keep your body meeting an optimum level of performance. Remember to recognise that the body does have an incredible wisdom of its own, if this is not recognised and worked with, it eventually ends up showing symptoms of fatigue and relative injuries become common experiences.

You can regain balance, strength and stability with greater deeper awareness of what the body actually needs instead of the mind telling it what it wants it to do or push it to have. A more cooperative approach to using your wisdom that is present within both the body, mind and spirit allows a more effective use of your knowledge and energy for performance, bearing the abrupt changes in and of intense training, with less potential or likelihood for personal injury.

The language of the body is in its muscle responses. It will let you know what is happening internally if you ask the right questions.

Call Clare for an appointment; A session can include all or some of the therapies to meet your needs.

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