Chronic sinusitis is an Infection and inflammation of the sinuses, the air-filled spaces inside the bones of the face.

Symptoms include yellow or green mucus draining from the nose, facial pain and headache, often experienced with a head cold, losing both sense of smell and taste and in some people the eyes are affected, by pain in the head.

Sinusitis is an allergic irritation to something in your environment either external or internal. A reaction is set up, causing a toxic proliferation of bacterias, increasing mucus and pressure in the head, resulting in headache.

The loss of the sense of smell and taste is significant, as is the cause of the irritation in the first place.

Why do some people experience this proliferation of bacteria and others not, even though they live in the same environment? It all has to do with the body's learned responses to a situation it is experiencing. The nose and sinuses relate to memory, a fear of remembering and a reaction to remembering painful memories, can set up an allergic response by the body, and cause an increase in toxicity.

The sinuses response to remembering, is what gets stored within the brain tissue or one of the endocrine glands, it acts as a trigger and affects the sense of taste as this is about digesting a new approach to changes that may be happening in your life. Sinusitis and colds often occur when life demands change, and potential for lots of old habits to be let go, especially around the sense of taste. Accepting Digesting a new change, or digesting new knowledge.

  • Reflexology and aromatherapy massage with your unique blend of pure essential oils and a vibrational essence in treatment sessions support ease and assimilation of new experiences, trusting change in your life.
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