Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones become weak and are more likely to break, usually the hips, spine, and wrists. Known causes for predisposition to experiencing degeneration of bones are;

  • Gender. Women get osteoporosis more often than men.-Metaphysical cause;- not accepting giving to yourself, not nourishing your self but instead keep giving out to others all the time..meeting the needs of others to the point of depletion of yourself. Of weakening your own inner strength (bones). Usually because of a learned response, to give is preferential to receiving.
  • Age. The older you are, the greater your risk of osteoporosis.--not allowing yourself to receive over the life, but continue to give to other, at the expense of yourself, living an imbalance in giving and receiving of nourishment throughout the life.
  • Body size. Small and thin women are at greater risk. From the acceptance of meeting the needs of others takes your inner strength, and having the feelings that others are alway taking from you. No feeling of equalness.
  • Ethnicity. White and Asian women are at highest risk.-disempowered by perception of giving out to others.
  • Family history. Osteoporosis tends to run in families. If a family member has osteoporosis or breaks a bone, there is a greater chance that you will too. (See history of Epigenetics.) one generation to the next, the beliefs, impressions and perceptions fulfilling the needs of others takes the inner strength, but one still must give out, there is no feeling of equalness, an age old concept.

Other risk factors include;:

  • Sex hormones. Low estrogen levels due to missing menstrual periods or to menopause can cause osteoporosis in women. - A hormonal imbalance supported by perceptions and beliefs around receiving, can create an inability in Digesting a new change towards receiving and giving, based on equalness in all things. Accepting change is a natural flowing state, your natural true nature and fundamental to a healthy, long term bone structure..
  • Low testosterone levels can bring on osteoporosis in men. The triggers for men; see men's health;
  • Diet deficiencies or malabsorption. Medication use.
  • Activity level. Lack of exercise or long-term bed rest can cause weak bones.
  • Smoking, Ingestion of external toxic industrial chemistry.

The treatments of Natural Health Therapy offer the opportunity to change and rebalance your chemistry, supporting the elimination systems functions and endocrine communication to the organs supporting bringing the body back into a better state of function; strengthening bone structures and well as cognitive.

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