Eating Disorders

Clearing of cravings; sugar addiction; Binging and purging; malabsorption issues. Emotional, and mental health issues related to hormonal imbalances; lethargy, Anger issues; fatigue;

Often the source of eating disorders is a poor sense of self; Trust issues; loss of confidence and issues of not feeling respected, old learned patterning, that creates a change in the body tissue and sets up addictive habits. Often these disorders are driven by an inner sense of lacking something in life.

The old memories and learned coping skills, arises from within the body tissue where it has been stored long ago and demands you feed it. The chemistry this modification demands, will either be full of pain or fear.  The disorders often lead to weight issues, poor nourishment of the body, malabsorption, and non elimination of toxic waste, The high toxicity levels lead to degeneration of the body's systems and organs. The deterioration and imbalances affect the cognitive state and mental imbalances arise. An irritable mind creates and irritable painful life.

An irritable body/bowel creates an irritable pain filled nervous system affecting the mind. This can be changed and cleared when given the opportunity to clear the old learned responses from the body and supporting the mind in new awareness and encouragement, supported by great positive habits.  

  • Better health outcomes can be attained by giving the body the exact chemistry it needs in aromatherapy, defining best food choices, and Reflexology including the Endocrine system balance actively supporting clearer, more balanced communicationcoming from the brain to the rest of the body. There is also positive constructive statements given to change the mind consciousness and support new awarenesses and change of focus. The combination of treatments are unique to each individual and address the current issues being felt. Kinesiology, aromatherapy prescription blends applied to the body on a daily basis for a number of weeks, supports a change to better health, mentally and physically.
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