Abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. The storage of chemical toxicity into fat tissue is a response mechanism by the body, for preservation of function.

  • Better health outcomes can be attained by giving the body the exact chemistry it needs to address the imbalances, the old patterning and learned responses causing the storage of pain and fear in fat tissue throughout the body.  
  • Kinesiology, aromatherapy prescription blends applied to the body on a daily basis for a number of weeks can alleviate the source of the issue, clearing of addictions; sense of not being satisfied; comfort eating; hormonal imbalances; anger issues, Healing can be given on the source of low self worth and self confidence. Elimination of Trust issues, as they often are a precursor to weight issues. Discontentment creates a toxicity in the blood that feeds pain around the body and eventually, to preserve the body's systems and organ functions, the toxicity is stored in fat tissue and as well as into the joints making movement and flexibility difficult. The body becomes sluggish and heavy then the mind becomes dull, experiencing tiredness, with a sense of fogginess and heavy headedness.
  • The combined treatments of Natural health Therapy offers each person a unique balancing treatment plan to change your current life experience.
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