TIA; Effects of Stroke- A (TIA)

TIA occurs when there is an interruption or blockage of blood supply to the brain tissue, either by clot or plaque or when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures, as in a hemorrhagic stroke.

The symptoms may appear innocuous, but take note, it is important if you are experiencing these symptoms; a sudden severe headache with no apparent cause, sudden confusion, difficulty speaking or understanding what is being said, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination and the sudden onset of numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg especially to one side of the body. Any stroke affects the brain directly, affecting communication to the nervous systems and the chemistry within most body systems. Especially those systems that controls speech, movement, and cognitive consciousness affecting the senses of sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. See medical intervention immediately;

Natural health therapy best supports the recovery from stroke;-

  • through personalised prescriptions of pure essential oils, blended to address the symptoms and to establish balance within the nervous systems.
  • Gentle massage and reflexology supports regaining of fluid movement and flexibility and facilitates calming and cleansing of toxic, stress response symptoms;
  • The chemistry for healing and clearing is placed on the body daily, in small doses for months, an adjustment is made to the prescription, as changes are occurring and ability to action ordinary physical actions, increases, supporting focusing on encouragement in getting back to proper function
  • The body systems usually worked on, in alleviating Stroke symptoms and effects are;- the limbic systems chemical structures for stress response; digestive tract, and liver response; CNS, endocrine function to and communication with PNS and ANS actualising change, to regain health functions
  • The oils chosen are also supportive of balancing issues associated with; Depression, anxiousness and loss of confidence, trusting in change and being confidence in yourself and your ability to regain health.
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