Athritis is a disease characterised by inflammation, swelling, painful and subsequent cartilage damage in one or more joints.

This disease manifest as a result of one of the body's self preservation mechanisms, especially where the elimination system has become dysfunctional. The toxicity within body, is stored as far away for the vital organs as possible, your body wisdom places this toxicity, mostly uric acid, out into the furthest Joints. This action is done to keep the overall functions of the body's vital systems going, but causes the degeneration of joint and cartilage tissue, over time. Any form of irritation, whether it is physical, mental or emotional, causes a high toxicity to be present in the blood. This acidic blood, actions chemical reactions that cause the degeneration of local tissue, called arthritis.

The treatments of Natural Health Therapy offer the opportunity to change and rebalance your chemistry, supporting the elimination systems functions and endocrine communication to the organs supporting bringing the body back into a better state of function;

  • an example of the order for clearing a high level of toxicity causing Arthritis is;

In order; the cardiovascular system, elimination system, CNS, PNS, skeletal system, Limbic system supporting flexibility in actions and thoughts, respiratory system; diet and exercise/ movement for toxicity elimination. An example of some of the pure organic essential oils that may be used, are lavender bridestowe, Petitgrain, lemongrass-purifying blood acidity, lemon oil-joint inflammation and often dark patchouli for irritation and anger, depending on the person's experiences and where these experiences are within the body. A personalised prescription blend of oils is offered to each person to be placed on the body daily. This slowly and gently changes the chemical structures of the degenerating cells, healing any cardiovascular impairment and clearing any resistance to elimination.

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