Inflammatory lung disease characterised by wheeze, shortness of breath, coughing or chest tightness that varies over time.

Excessive variation in lung function; often due to muscular restriction in the diaphragm, an allergic response in lung tissue and esophagus tissue. Natural Health therapy can provide the support necessary for clearing the core source creating the condition;  

  • Primary clearing for most Asthmatic conditions is for liver, digestive tract, throat nerves, endocrine system, limbic system and then Lungs; adding support from breath work and diet; and clearing of old emotional responses to past experiences at the cellular level is the basis of this treatment, and can be applied to any age group;
  • Vibrational therapy supports healing the metaphysical response to disease. Diseases of the body are the effects of stored information from past experiences, or what has been taken on from family of origin at the cellular level. The stored information in the form of a fear or a pain, causes a modification of the cells, This is disease within the body, it is the familiar chemistry the body recognises as its normal operating homeostasis.  This can be changed; the process is actioned at the rate that your body can cope with, sometimes very slowly.
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