The role of Natural Therapies relating to ADHD

The stimulation of massage for children with ADHD is extremely effective.

Test results show that massage therapy with the use of specific aromatherapy oils  benefits children and adolescents by improving short-term memory and gradual longer-term focus in classroom behaviors. Research also suggests positive effects for the adolescents self-image. Those children who receive massage experience the calming/balancing effect and are happier, and more ordered in their actions.

Whether the root cause is behavioral or neurological, TCM, aromatherapy massage, reflexology massage looks at the body, mind and spirit as one interactive system.  When the body and mind are in harmony, the spirit is calm and the person is able to perform to potential.

The benefits of therapeutic massage, and regular reflexology sessions incorporating the Endocrine system balance,  for balancing Pituitary, pineal and Hypothalamus glands communicative functions, giving calmer responses within the nerves, helping ease the tension, which relaxes the person and therefore is seen a viable option in treating the hyperactivity resulting from ADHD, the fundamental instrument by which aromatherapy massage reduces hyperactivity and amplify attention, has a direct relationship with Hypothalamic function as the biochemical and physiological data that has been collected, suggests, the brain is disordered in the direction of sensitive attentiveness.

In addition, amplified vagal tones (and therefore, amplified parasympathetic activity) have been eminent throughout aromatherapy massage therapy, and this intensification is frequently linked with improved attentiveness and an extra relaxed state.  Massage therapy can improve vagal control of the heart by calming a missing physiological inhibitory system, in return it may help disturbed or knowledge disordered people to sort out and slow down impulsive activity and thus amplify their stage of attentiveness.

Natural Health Therapy is a therapy that combines several healing modalities for support of balancing Body systems and organ functions, creating a more tolerant environment, of calmness and sensitive to the minds and spirits experience of harmony and contentment.

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