Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This stress disorder (PTSD) is recognised by and through a set of reactions that can develop in anyone who experiences traumatic events where there is a perceived or actual threat to their life or the life of a loved one, or witnessing of trauma to others.

The trauma can be any form of distressing event, from relationship breakups, job loss, sexual assault, natural disasters, or any form of physical violence, especially any stress that is continued for an indefinite period and can cause the many and varied symptoms reflecting debilitation of physical and mental health.

The 4 main reactions of PTSD are;

The mind constantly going into the stored memory and bringing it up again and again, causing the visual flashbacks, causing a need to run away, this creates an overload of cortisol and adrenaline to course through the body affecting heart, lungs, liver, causing high level of toxic chemistry violating the nervous systems. Sweating, heart pounding or fluttering, feelings of panic, thick headedness.

Negative feelings, guilt, anger, numbness and feelings of being isolated, uncommunicative

Being hypervigilant, `wound up`, always on the lookout for danger, sleep difficulties, irritability, lack of being able to focus, or easily startled.

Feelings of dissociation, disconnected, “as though I wasn't even there”  are frequently experienced with this condition.

Treatment for this condition through Natural Health Therapy, and supportive allied health services is facilitated by addressing the priority of what the body needs to clear first, to eliminate the ability of the mind delving back into the toxic experience. This is done with kinesiology defining where the mind is getting its responses from, within the body, finding where they have been stored.

Treatment is given through giving the body the chemistry to repair and revitalise the liver function in support of having better capacity to clean the blood, then focus is given to heart and the varied locations of where the experiences of stress of what has been seen, felt and heard have been stored. It is by calming the nerves, cleaning up the blood, supporting the elimination system in doing its job and most importantly giving the mind the necessary new focus to bring the whole person back into a state of calmness, confidence in self and life, and eventually feeling real contentment.

The treatment is a process, and as each person has an innate great intelligence within the body, and it is this that knows what is needed to bring the mind and body back into a balanced state.

The person is empowered to reconnect with calm nerves, having given the mind the new focus supporting clarity and a clear cognitive function

Treatment includes; personalised prescription blends of pure essential oils; vibrational and energy clearing essences; massage, reflexology, cranial pressure point for nerve balancing and endocrine and limbic system support and balancing once a week for first 8 weeks; along with lymphatic system support   

Transformation therapy giving the mind the relative information for the new focus relative to the work being done in the body that week.

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