How Energy Medicine Works

The experiences that have been received in the past, and impressions of and from the past learning, is now recognised and proven as being stored in all cells of the body, including DNA, in all mechanisms, the chemical and energy pathways. It is in nerves, fluids, all systems, involved in cellular production and this includes brain activity involved in reproductive cellular activity.

We behave the way we do because that is what we have learned, and the stored trigger is set to enact a repetitive pain filled action, affecting what is sitting within cells in the body.

It is our `past` stored in the cells that establishes the levels of pain as a recognised homeostatic balance, but it is you who changes your own body’s chemistry with new awareness and  engaging  new chemistry to create new pathways, this is supported  by receiving the exact new chemistry. Through this new chemistry the body is being given exactly what it needs, as needed.

With conscious awareness you are given the ability to recognise the body's needs and supporting your own body setting a new homeostasis of cleaner, clearer energy in the cells, the body when it is given the tools to change from the old to the new, does action the change, slowly but surely. You, through your new actions, change your own body’s chemistry to a new way of living.

Natural Health Therapy is a the means of delivery of energy medicine, with the therapist working at a high level of sensitivity, skills and knowledge, detecting the imbalances of energies, the  pain  and fears stored within the whole body.

This facilitation is given with the intention of supporting and encouraging the experience of contentment, calmness and confidence in your body's natural innate healing ability creating the experience of freedom from pain.

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