Women’s health and Couples support in fertility health; Family health; pregnancy, childbirth or the parenting responsibilities of raising children in this changing world.

Of greatest help to you and this new little person coming into your world, is to really know yourself, to really like who you are, and understand what really supports you in your experience of this new role. What do you need, to be able to keep a state of calm confidence, a strong faith in yourself when dealing with what arises during your pregnancy and the birthing of your baby? During this period recognise especially as you change hormonally, with the growing of your baby, your relationship with yourself and with others changes also.  With the change in your body, your mind can also goes under a transformation in the way you see life, and how you view love relationships. All these things can have direct influence on your levels of stress, the pain you may experience during this new experience to motherhood. 

To be able to maintain a great enthusiasm, joy and confidence in yours and your partners journey into being new parents, embracing this new experiences, the letting go of any attachments to the past, that eat away at happiness, calmness and contentment, any thinking that undermines your confidence, has to go. The aim is to become calm, confident and try maintaining a feeling of optimism and clarity, with your confidence reflecting a gentle but great inner strength in dealing with whatever may arise throughout the different stages of pregnancy, birthing and postpartum periods. For how you feel, what you think, what you accept and what you reject is what will be given into the body of this new little being, cell by cell. 

How is this done? Have confidence in CHANGE, and what may arise in changing your life from one way of being to another....

To be able to just go with the flow, adjusting to the flow, in pace and direction with ease. To transition from a state of agitation of the mind and painful experiences in your body, to a state of Joyful calmness, mentally and physically. You have to let the old familiar way of being go, if it is causing you to feel unwell, agitated, anxious or fatigued, then check the thinking, is it a conscious or unconscious response, an old learned response.  With knowledge and understanding it can be changed, the way you feel is the way your baby will feel.

How can I change the way I feel?  Just `Knowing `something does not solve the issues, but actually really accepting responsibility for the way you want to be, gives you the ability (willingness) to follow through and change it. To live free of the old way that was learnt, and focus the mind consistently, on the new information received, the new learnt response thrives greatest in your body when you change the balance of focus to consciousness, self responsibility, self respectfulness, genuine understanding that love is free of pain and free of fear, is what changes a person’s current experience completely;

Information plus experience equals knowledge; then the experience of this knowledge, living it, creates change reflecting your great wisdom, which is the true natural way of being. This does require your effort and takes much practice.

The person get closer and closer to being the way they wish to be, whether it is confidence, greater trust in themselves, peace of mind, just the experience of great JOY and calmness in all changing situations; Whatever the experience you wish to have, it can be attained with practice and new awareness. 

 A new health creating pathway is created and thrives in the body, and in the mind, and as it is happening within you, so it is for your baby. How? through what is called energy medicine and transformational therapy, experiencing the deepest calmness and nurturing as well as the nourishment needed at the level needed. This treatment is a safe and respectful experience of knowledge given in each session as the need arises.

A session can take about one and a half hours, depending on how many things you want to work on clearing. (If can be any emotional, mental, physical or spiritual aspect) You are given new awarenesses and taught the new ways of refocusing the mind, onto a new pathway of a quality you wish to attain. You are always given knowledge and the understanding that can transform your situation or experience needed at the time, and always related to the condition or symptom you may be experiencing. the new awarnesses given support you gaining confidence in your choices, in your acceptance of your real greatness, and trusting yourself, developing a deep inner calmness in all changing situations and confidence in parenting your new child.  These Therapies are a support of your conscious parenting skills. Through this therapy you can naturally, gently move into greater Self love, reflect sincere self respect and self trust and improved communication within your relationships. What you create in your life is given to your children, a great gift to not just cope well in this changing world but really thrive and develope confident and respectful attitudes towards themselves and for others.

Part of the process is aspects of balancing any issues around giving and receiving and what is to be given to the children of the relationship so they can experience this knowledge, thrive confidently, full of Joy, self respect and acceptance of self responsibility, with a great level of calmness in embracing their new world.

The influence of your relationships; positiveness and confidence in feeling connected with yourself is important, it is the relationship you have with yourself, and then, it is the one you have with your partner and those around you that creates the experiences you have in life and love. By clarifying any negativities and learned unhelpful responses or negative mental attitudes, it helps the clearing process from within your body, with the focus of your mind now actively supporting your wellness and really feeling good about yourself, having a genuine confidence and faith in your Self you can confidently birth a new life and not just a new little being. For peace of mind an acceptance of letting go the concepts of controlling things, is necessary. Have confidence, and trust that inner strength in your new role of being a new mother. It is there within you, pure Joy, it saturates every part of your being,  if you are unaware of it you can`t live it, but it can and is ready to be bought out into your world, believe in your inner Strength, your courage, your inner wisdom. Have faith in your Self.

Each time you have a new child you are a new mother as this experience is unique to the new relationship with this new person in your life, and this changes your life completely, every time. Even if you have had many children, you are such a new unique person with each new experience; you gain wisdom for receiving this new person, this new little being into your lives. 

Natural Health Therapy offers couples support in clearing, physically, mentally and emotionally, preconceived thinking and feelings of fear or pain, around childbirth or the parenting responsibilities of rising children in this changing world. Clearing the concepts taken on from family of origin (parents, extended family and previous generations; see epigenics) that you may now feel you do not want passed into your own children. This therapy offers support in enabling you to hold onto consciously, the great qualities, within your body and mind that you may feel are missing, that weren’t given to you in your growing up, but that you would like to be able to give, to the next generation. A real feeling of being loved, wanted, truly nurtured, respected, feeling Confidence, respectfulness, patience, acceptance of change, self respect, self control and being able to honour discipline; being able to discern what is beneficial to cultivating a happy life, acceptance that a joy filled life is very real, and have the ability to recognise True love, understanding that this kind of love holds all the great virtues, the inner great qualities, mostly know as words, but often not taught in HOW to live them.

Freedom from the old concepts of controlling this or control of that, being free from the need to have control, gives you, your whole person a feeling of gentleness, a deep contentment and connectedness to yourself, your inner wisdom, trusting it. In developing a greater relationship with yourself, you gain a genuine new experience of Self confidence and self love. It cultivates a deeper value of self respect, being disciplined in your actions and being respectful of others. There must be a willingness to let go the past. The relationship you have with yourself and how you view life and look at others in your life will create the new child, as you grow it inside of you, cell by cell. So feeling good about yourself, confident and a calm acceptance of changes in your life, remaining connected to your inner strength, your great inner wisdom creates each new change as you are feeling it. How you are feeling and what you think, creates your new experience of motherhood in like manner, and creates a unique new relationship with this new person in your life.

These Therapies are focused on meeting your individual needs, clearing the causes of the experience you wish to change.

Health options for women and childbirth support.

  • A personal session provides time and means to become clear of the distress being felt that you are aware of. To become confident in flowing with the changes that are part of the experience of Maternity, childbirth, postpartum support.  Natural Health Therapy can offer comfort and relief with any maternal illnesses that may arise; Covering the range of treatments for what is being experienced. Including but not limited to the early stages of morning sickness, digestive upsets and cravings, to the itchiness and distress of the skin of the belly, hip pain and at times the breasts associated with baby`s rapid growth. Later in the pregnancy, treatments for stretch marks, fluid retention issues, constipation, sciatica, separated symphysis pubis, sleeplessness and fatigue are all worked on with gentleness, sensitivity and respect for mother and baby. There are specific sessions developed for latter stages of pregnancy as a preparation for birthing, including teaching labour support to the partner, for their participation as hands on pain relief during labour.
  • Partnering sessions are offered to show a couple the specialised reflexology techniques to use as part of their pain relief plan, calming and relaxing points with the required pressure for the partner to use as support in the birthing process. These classes are held after the 37 weeks mark of the pregnancy.

Conditions and symptoms of distress that can be treated; See energy medicinereflexology, pregnancy massage, Endocrine balance and limbic system transformation with aromatherapy specialised personal blends. Safe, non irritant oils recognises as benificial for use during pregnancy are uses and appropriate stages of development.

  • Anxiety/anxiousness around the changes in body or in your relationships; the fight/flight response that may arise at the impending birth or change in lifestyle;
  • Tiredness, fatigue, Insomnia, Diabetes, getting irritated or angry arising easily.
  • Neuropathy, kidney function, blood sugar imbalances; sweet cravings; insulin dependency;
  • Pregnancy, menopause, infertility, period pain, endometrioses, HRT. Joylessness; wishing the life away, not doing;
  • Fatigue, gestational Diabetes, stress; Loss of enthusiasm; vagueness;
  • Nerve Damage; Nerve dysfunction, cravings; sciatica, Morton’s neuroma,   
  • Respiratory conditions; throat and sinus conditions; addictions; anger; Prostate conditions, urinary tract dysfunctions; Depression; suicide
  • Irritation; itchiness; aggression; digestive dysfunction; kidney fatigue; IBS, Lymphatic system distress; Lymphedema;
  • Depression; sadness; thoughts of death; fear of dying; dissatisfied with life in general; discontent with changes in the body; Seeing no Joy in life;
  • Auto immune dysfunction; headaches; migraines; hearing health issues;
  • Accident trauma; impressions left from violent experiences, falls; trauma of relationship failures.
  • Mental distress.-insomnia; digestive imbalances; blood acidity; cravings; addictions; suicidal thoughts;
  • PTSD- headaches; back pain; blood toxicity; lethargy; hyper- vigilance; heaviness in the legs;
  • Nerve trauma; men’s reproductive health issues;
  • Weight issues; mental fatigue; fogginess; heavy headedness;
  • Joint and muscle stiffness, pain or injury.
  • Children’s and babies health issues 

Local community support; If you have a community group you would like me to attend free of charge in the local area, please contact me by email with your request; Thank you Clare Nott.

  • Talks to local groups, demonstration of Reflexology massage, or demonstrations of Kinesiology to find the source of an experience, understanding the energies of the body and the minds influence.

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