33 things you should know when you`re pregnant

Some of these experiences may surprise you, and others offer some hints and understandings as to the great magical creation happening inside you, to see your body and mind in a new way and reflect what you give them.

  1. You could start snoring even if you never have before. The membranes in your nose can swell up when you’re pregnant and cause you to snore. Reflexology can help ease this.
  2. It is best to avoid wearing your regular underwire bras if you ware one– they could restrict the growth of the milk glands in your breasts. If you need this support shop for low-gauge wire support maternity bras.
  3. Fluid retention may be an issue. There are a few things you can try – resting with your feet elevated, reflexology definitely works on your lymphatics, clearing the stored fluid, watch your salt intake, it can affect digestive assimilation and memory – and make sure you keep drinking water (even if this seems counterproductive)
  4. Pregnant tummies tend to be itchy tummies. This is usually because your skin gets stretched – but more intense itchiness of your hands or feet (and isn’t just your belly) could be a sign of ICP – which is a serious disorder- have it checked immediately if you notice it.
  5. You are now officially hot stuff. Those pregnancy hormones are speeding up your metabolic rate, making you feel flushed and sweaty when you normally wouldn’t. Keep yourself comfortable, ware loose clothes where the air can circulate, keep hydrated. Try not to head for the cold drinks or cold ice-cream as these will slow your digestive ability and affect the nerves. Try and stay with room temperature foods and drinks as these support stable digestive actions and don’t make the body work harder that it needs to. If you have cravings for cold things it will have to use up valuable energy bringing your foods or fluids to body temperature before it can digest it. This action feeds fatigue.
  6. You need to put your name down for antenatal classes as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed, so as you don’t miss out.
  7. Never miss a single antenatal check-up. Every check-up is important as you change, and baby grows. Some complications can show up in the later stages of pregnancy. So if something did show up, the quicker you can get any treatment needed.
  8. By law, any baby travelling in a car must be properly restrained in a car seat, including taxis. You have a choice whether to use a baby capsule or car seat from birth, comes down to prior experience and/or lifestyle, These days the baby capsule allows parents a huge amount of freedom they may not otherwise have, and works around things like nap times and everyday tasks. A seamless transition in anything regarding parenting has become paramount in people’s concerns and so a shift from car seats to baby capsules from birth has become a huge trend, but you can get car seats from newborn to four years old.
  9. Keep a banana by the bed. Morning sickness is twice as bad on an empty stomach, so eat a snack whenever you get the chance – like midnight wake ups. This condition can be treated with energy medicine, the use of recognised `safe essential oils` to help change the hormonal chemistry communication for ease of assimilation of the changes in the body to accommodate new life. Often morning sickness can be an initial physical response of feeling ill prepared to be parenting a child, this is not usually at the conscious level.
  10. Have a good, low-maintenance haircut just before your baby’s due. It may be a while before you have the time (and energy!) to get to the hairdresser’s again.
  11. Plan your holidays carefully. Most airlines won’t let you travel after 36 weeks, and from about 28 weeks you won’t be allowed to check in without a doctor’s certificate.
  12. Does your baby does know you are having sex, well yes, but this is a natural experience, all the better for you and baby if you are feeling loved and nurtured by your partner, and in your relationship.
  13. You really don’t need to panic about labour. Take your friends’ labour horror stories with a pinch of salt. Everyone is different.
  14. Rub almond oil or coconut oil on your perineum every night after 32 weeks. Studies have suggested it can make you less likely to tear during delivery, and it can certainly get you used to (and less scared of) the stretching, and how your body feels as your baby is growing and when it time to be born. Get to really know your body, treat your body and mind as your best friends. Treat your body and mind with the greatest respect, recognise its value and the magic that is happening inside you. What it gives you will reflect what you give to it.
  15. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up exercise. The general rule is that you should be able to continue exercising at the same rate you were before pregnancy. There are a few exercises to avoid in pregnancy though and you should always talk to your health care provider about your individual circumstances.
  16. Don’t worry, be happy. US researchers have found that mums-to-be who look on the bright side of life sleep better, stay slimmer, have easier labours and give birth to stronger happier babies. Think positively, confidently and consciously how you want to be. How you are, is what is built into baby, cell by cell. Think well of yourself always. Hold yourself in the highest regard, keeping your mind in a good condition.
  17. Expect to go up a shoe size. In your second trimester, extra body fluids will cause your feet to swell a little, so you may not fit your normal shoes. (If your hands or face become puffy, too, see a doctor to rule out the possibility of pre-eclampsia).
  18. If close friends ask you what they can get the baby, suggest clothes in a bigger size than newborn – this really helps as bub will grow so fast.
  19. Is it a boy or a girl? Have some fun with the idea of what it could be, try not having a preference or expectation, as this can create disappointment and sadness, if it is not what you wanted. A baby can pick up your feelings while in the womb, and expectations can have affects on confidence if they are not met. 
  20. Don’t drink caffeinated drinks with your meals. Caffeine stops iron from being absorbed as easily, and you need all the iron you can get.
  21. You’ll smell different. All the chemical changes going on in your body may mean you start to give off a new, warm, alluring odour.
  22. Don’t panic if you notice some vaginal discharge. Unless it goes green, thick, smelly, or bloodstained, it’s a totally normal part of your pregnancy.
  23. Sex will surprise you. Your desire for sex may change significantly (more or less), and your body sensitivity could change a lot. Whatever your experience, rest assured that you’re normal and these changes are only temporary.
  24. Burn all old copies of celebrity magazines and avoid pregnant celebrity posts on Instagram –– because the last thing you need to see is a glossy pic of some celebrity who lost 20kgs within two days of giving birth. Never believe what you read in celeb mags. Stay away from the fantasy and deluded media hype. Stay away from anything that can bring you down, no comparing with others. You are unique, and your baby is a unique little soul. Maintain your confidence and faith in yourself
  25. Don’t buy new prescription glasses or contact lenses. Extra fluid in your eyes can make it seem as though your sight is worse or your lenses don’t fit. Have a check up with an optometrist if you’re worried, though. You are changing the way you will look at things in life, you are now looking at the new role you have in life. Your perceptions will change.
  26. If you’re planning on returning to work it is time to start thinking about childcare. It’s never too early to check out your options, so check out nearby childcare centres, find good child minders, talk to other mums about the pros and cons of each, and gather as much information as you can.
  27. The human voice is what your baby hears best when they’re in the womb. Tell your baby stories and sing songs. Your baby may remember those songs and respond to them after birth. Making the journey into life for your little one a joy filled one, think about doing what brings you joy and makes you feel happy and content.
  28. You could be genetically disposed to get them or you won’t or maybe only a few, but don’t view them as a negative, they are the honour marks of motherhood. But Natural health Therapy can provide the oils and other therapies that support your skin, and soft tissue during the pregnancy, and can still make you and baby feel good with special safe and nourishing oils massaged over your whole body. Support for your health and mental confidence and wellness.
  29. Even complete strangers will tell you their ‘cure’ for heartburn or their opinion on pain relief during labour, everyone seems to become an expert and some will want to touch your tummy. You have the right to say no to listening to others unasked for opinions and a definite NO to intrusive unsolicited touching.
  30. Keep up your calcium intake. If dairy products don’t agree with you, look for calcium-enriched drinks like orange juice, soy milk or water.
  31. You may find you’re getting a little forgetful. Pregnancy amnesia is incredibly common and can include anything from being slightly absent-minded (baby brain) to full-on major memory loss.
  32. Evidence suggests that it is easier to establish breastfeeding,if your diet is the same before and after the birth, because your baby will recognise the taste of your breast milk from when your baby took in similar-tasting amniotic fluid in the womb.
  33. Be prepared for weird mood swings. And they will appear weird as you can’t truly fathom what is happening deep within on many different levels, everything is changing preparing you for embarking on this new role, being a new mum. Expect lightning flashes of anger, moments of uncontrollable weepiness and times of inexplicable fear. You’re not going mad – you’re going through a tumultuous change in your life and your relationships as you have known them. Everything is preparing you for this magic change. For the responsibility of motherhood, and an amazing new role in life. But the fear of changes and things seeming out of your control is what will appear as intense fears and the sadness of perceived loss of freedoms. These can be cleared with awareness and support, you feeling calm, confident and valued for the great role you are about to undertake Acceptance of change is absolutely necessary for peace of mind, and having the ability to ride the waves of emotion and physical changes with confidence and great understanding of yourself. A deep love and respect for yourself and the life you are creating. See support in naturalhealththerapy.com.au


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