Why do I feel this Pain?

Joint pains, arthritic pain, tendonitis, knee pain, ankle pain, back pain, period pain, migraine pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, soft tissue, ligaments and bone pains, endometriosis, vaginal thrush, warts,  or unexplained odorous discharge, myofibralgia, foot pain, the unusual, unexplained or reoccuring pains, and any chronic physical or acute pain are symptoms that your body and mind are in considerable distress.

Your body and your mind reflect what is happening in your life, both internally and externally.

Your body is constantly trying to make you consciously aware of the level of chemical toxicity that is present in the body, has reached such a level that is exceeding its ability to eliminate. Your body will let you know that degeneration within the body is in progress. You may have been living in high levels of pain and not be consciously aware of it until it comes into a particular area.  Sometimes it will appear as unexplained or mysterious symptoms, but mostly the source of pain giving you the warning, comes from the nerves and through the nerves. Every one of your senses will register your minds actions causing your pain.

Taking pain relief helps the mind; it inhibits your awareness of pain temporarily, but has no effect on reducing the toxicity levels within the body, the pain continues and as does the degeneration of body system functions.

The continual use of pain relief medications, masks the degenerative actions taking place, meanwhile the joints, fat tissue and lymphatic system become the storage reservoirs of the pain. It is your own inner wisdom that is trying to keep the toxic chemicals away from your vital systems and organs, so implements an action of storage in the further most areas of the body, ie joints, limbs, it also uses the skin to try and eliminate through, hence rashes and lumps, and nerve pain in the extremities.  

In sports and fitness attempts to achieve the highest goals and maintain that level of fitness for extended periods, or in obsessive, compulsive work/ life roles where there is a feeling of being driven, the popular myth of ‘no pain no gain’ and “the need to push through, and to break the pain barrier” can set up the need to keep pushing past what is the actual healthy level of action. It is without being aware of the damage it does, using the belief, of the minds mental willpower versus your own body’s wisdom. The mind tries to influence and control what is perceived as success, what is right or good. In any endeavour that goes to an extreme, the minds action it comes from a learned response that pain, equates to `Success`; This can never bring the body back into proper function.

A balanced body reflects a balanced mind. An agitated, worried mind or the mind that goes to the negative, creates the affect of that thinking in the body. You ware it. 

For the mind to reflect clarity, calmness, balance and successful integration of knowledge, there must be a balanced hormonal function supporting good digestion, assimilation of true nourishment and complete elimination of toxic influences (that means toxic chemistry in the body and toxic thinking in the mind). A willingness to recognise that the past is gone and to stop the mind from wandering there, stop going back over old past hurts and perceived injustices or thoughts of not being good enough. This cannot take you any place downwards, it can never bring peace, happiness or better health. Where is the joy in life, with an attitude like this it can only take you to sadness and pain. Every human being has a centre of Joy and a centre of fear in them. For success in anything great in this life we need to face that centre of fear and go beyond it. What lies on the other side is absolute Joy, happiness and true contentment.

Success in attaining freedom from pain and agitation can be attained through changing the minds focus and establishing a steadfast attitude to balanced thinking around perfection, trust and what is perceived as true success. A mind full of expectation, and judgments is a high source of toxicity. A Mind that judges the body or yourself as not good enough, not perfect enough and not of great value, created exactly that in the body.

Here is an understanding of how it works. Just as in an elite sportsperson, over time, and with the continual pushing of their body to a peak level of fitness for longer and longer periods, achieves results in the overproduction of lactic acid not being eliminated, that by ones judgments, gets stored throughout the body, eventually crystallizing in the joints, and degeneration of soft tissue strength, as does the high levels of supplements and proteins used, it all creates pain, stiffness and eventually, immobility. The toxicity affects and distresses the nervous systems, the organs and the brain`s sensitivity in its ability to give clear signals to maintain good healthy actions. All this action is beyond the mind. The mind cannot control the pain, it is creating, in most situations it refuses to even acknowledge it is the one causing the pain and dysfunction within the body and goes on to blame the body or others for what is happening, or for what has happened in the past. 

The mind may appear to have the upper hand temporarily at times, but if there is any conflicting chemical signals within, this dysfunction show up eventually as a depression of function, of organs and systems and the mind eventually reflects the distressed state appearing within the body.

Your body is a wondrously complex system of chemical actions, fluids (blood, lymph etc), electrical impulses (nervous systems, brain neurons etc), chemical energy transfers (motion, action, elimination, speech etc), skeletal and muscular functions. Amongst these chemical actions in all cellular levels, the energy transfers within the pathways from the limbic system, are coordinated through many glands including the Hypothalamus within the endocrine system. The endocrine glands communicate continually to the organs, and body tissues within the many systems, such as digestion, reproduction, circulatory, eliminatory, and immune system functions, enabling the body to eliminate or store the toxicity present within the body, dependant on what it has learned.

How your system functions will depend on external and internal influences, past learned responses. When the pathways in the body are in distress, this creates a high level of chemical toxicity; an oversupply or under-supply of chemistry. In a balanced body the hormones to counter any distress and chemical toxicity, is taken care of by the endocrine glands and limbic system pathways.

Why do I experience a response that comes from internal actions within the body as agitation, anxiousness, pain or fear ?

It is your endocrine and Limbic systems job to maintain the body`s familiar, recognized homeostasis, your unique learned patterns of response. These systems initiate instructions usually from a past store memory, that triggers your learned responses. The mind takes in information through the senses and registers this information in the heart, the brain and then throughout the body. It can maintain a pain or fear response and affect the internal working relationships between the brain, glands, all internal systems and what they communicate to organs, maintaining a pain filled homeostasis as the familiar experience.

It is through though`s expression from the limbic system, that the emotive response generated from past stored memories, and used to coordinate gland responses through a series of communication hormones (chemical initiators), that affects all internal communications. These responses initiate other hormones to produce or reduce chemical actions to maintain the pain being fed through digestive functions, and kept within the excretory, circulatory, lymphatic systems and their related organs. It is these actions of keeping the pain that begin the degeneration instead of actions to maintain proper function.

Your experience of pain is an inability within the body to eliminate its high level of chemical toxicity. This inability to have clear communication of beneficial actions, causes the resulting toxicity levels in the body to begin degeneration and damage to organs, and varying systems. This action, (a thought is an action)  affects the way the body functions, eventually becoming the experience of acute and or chronic pain and illness.

The source of malfunction can be defined through kinesiology. This experience of pain can be changed. The body and mental power can change the experience of pain to the experience of your true nature, calmness, integrity in all actions, the mind respecting and valuing what the body really needs and not what it wants to give it. Focusing the mind on positiveness, pulling it away from going over the past, getting the mind to recognise its true nature creates the experience of Joy, true self worth, respectfulness of body and mind.

How to change actions that are causing pain;

There are many allopathic medicinal strategies used to manage pain that do give temporary relief, and beneficial as a temporary option.

However, there are Complementary Natural Health Therapies that can work at changing the original source that is causing distortion of chemical pathways, distortion of hormonal responses that are creating distress, and imbalance ...Your experience can be changed, by giving the body and mind the tools to change through Self empowerment.

Article by Clare Nott. Natural Health Therapy .

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