The minds influence on the body, and the minds need to control your experiences.

The thoughts that are constantly coming to the fore and the past constantly being recalled, does this action of the mind allow you to feel refreshed, full of enthusiasm and support the best in You?

What we have learned and absorbed from others, in our beliefs, our perceptions and previous experiences affects how we live now; The Power of your own Mind is awesome, it has the power of the great universal consciousness behind it. The mind can make your life hell on earth or a life full of fulfilment, a Joy filled life.

How can the minds wilfulness, wanting this, wanting that and its actions of needing to control things, lead to peace of mind, calmness, or give you a feeling of real contentment that reflects good health in your body and a healthy balanced calm mind?  

How can a turbulent and irritated mind be in its true natural state of equanimity and tranquillity? It can’t......

Is the statement, `mind over matter ` the truth? The old saying of `Mind over matter` is a false thinking, it reflects a need for the mind to have control over what you experience.

The energy consciousness that is the mind is the same energy within each cell of your body, it is one and the same great universal consciousness, the mind cannot be superior to the body and the body cannot be inferior to the mind.  Neither is the source of power and authority, but they can reflect this great consciousness, with right understanding and self discipline.

The old understanding is, that we can use the mind to change the body, to look how we might want it to look or to make it do what we what it to do. This attitude is unsustainable and not based in The Truth. It cannot sustain success.  For real sustainable success, there is a need to change the attitude of the mind, and when the mind is steadfast in its new understanding and reflects this, the body simultaneously reflects a health change, a new enthusiasm felt and higher energy ensues. There is no good or bad, there is no victim or bully; If this is happening within the relationships of life, then it is happening within, with the mind bullying, coercing, manipulating the energies of the body to get what it thinks it wants; driven by fear, it sets up cravings, undisciplined habits and attachments to the perceived sweet things in life, often stemming from a perception that life has no joy, no sweetness and no success. Where does this arise from? Often a false understanding of perfection or success is already sitting within the cells of the body, your stored past impressions of past experiences of not getting what you wanted and the mind goes in there and makes that your reality, a joylessness.

To experience a life filled with calmness, to be happy and content, experiencing real peace of mind, there needs to be acceptance and a sincere belief that they, the mind, body and soul are of equal value and of equal strengths, and acceptance that each has its own innate wisdom, and each needs to be respected.  It is through awareness of the power of the collective wisdom that true success is attained. To achieve a heartfelt sincere change, a willingness to let go the past, an acceptance of self responsibility is necessary.

Each person`s own mind is responsible for the way that person`s life looks. The mind is the one that is capable of creating the best or the worst. We all have an incredible wisdom and great knowledge within us. The use of this collective wisdom in your relationships, naturally opens your heart, and the true nature of the heart arise naturally, respecting and valuing all equally. Recognising all of us are equal, we all have the same great heart, but only act according to what has been stored in the body and the mind. The learnt responses.  

A clear analogy is, our mind and body is just like a mirror, a reflective tool, it is the Mind that will mirror its attitudes, in your actions, and the actions of chemistry within the body. Especially of what it believes or doesn’t believe, what it perceives as true or not true, depending on what you have learned; If the mind is in conflict, depressed, angry, then that is what it is creating, and reflecting within the body, and creating pain in the body, which the mind then reacts too. The mind blames the body, the mind blames others for its own actions.  

Because the mind is always feeding what it believes to be its truth to us, the constant stream of thoughts that arise and subside influence your responses, and will be what you experience as your life now. The key to establishing a great relationship with yourself is to become consciously aware of what thoughts are constantly coming to the fore and CHOOSE consciously whether they support your true nature arising or maintain the old past patterns of thinking.

When you buy into the judgmental, critical or sad painful thoughts, they become your reality, all that can happen is the feeling of conflict, constant doubts, loss of confidence, frustration and anger arise in the mind and eventually surface within the body, influencing nerves, causing imbalances in chemistry within the body, creates the experiences of accelerated heart responses, mental lethargy and confusion. It is the mind that does all this. The nature of this disharmony manifests as illness, irritation of skin disorders, restriction of the breath, shallow breathing, and an irritation at the thoughts of being more disciplined. It is the mind that as a part of the intellect that needs to be disciplined. This is what is called self discipline, self control.  When Self discipline, aka discipline of the mind is practiced, respectfulness for self and others naturally arises, negativities naturally die away. You become what you focus upon and, to get to know and recognise your true Self. That is what is most beneficial to becoming the best you can be, experiencing a great life.

By Practicing self discipline, focusing the mind into the present moment, keeping it focused on your true great inner qualities, stops the mind from suffering. It stops the blaming of others or blaming circumstance, it stops the mind creating and feeding a sense of lack. By practicing discipline of the mind, it bring the mind into its true state of calmness, true contentment, quietude and a sense of peace, an acceptance that all change unfolds at the pace that best support the wellbeing of all, body mind and soul.

The services of Natural health Therapy offer support in uncovering, clearing and rebalancing the mental, physical and emotional bodies.

  • Balancing the chemical communication within the endocrine system, limbic brain and the 3 major nervous systems.
  • Supporting the healing of pain and balancing the overstimulation of adrenals and balancing of digestive function.
  • Health training for the Mind; support for new focus techniques to bring the mind into new awareness of true state; connection to the wisdom within, Kinesiology supporting recognition of innate knowledge within. Supporting awareness of disciplines for true contentment.

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