Focus & Attention Deficit

  • Learning Difficulties
  • Reluctance to being Present
  • Oblivious to feelings
  • Inability to focus

It is important to understand that not all people require medication in order to treat their attention needs or poor memory recall. The most common assistance for children is modification of the environments in which they are having their difficulty and to encourage them to fully engage in being present...and that means accepting learning new experiences and absorbing the information they receive.

To reduce disruptive behaviors or resistance to the learning situations,  Natural Health Therapy can offer therapies and techniques that support establishing behavioural changes encouraging a natural, innate ability to focus and communicate confidently and clearly. This is done initially through the use of Kinesiology,  with asking the questions as to the source of behaviours that set up a resistance to learning, or  taking in of new knowledge.

Finding the cause of not wanting to pay attention to what is happening, the clearing of the `I don't care`, or the apathy of `whatever` is a process. Often for many reasons the person does not want to be present, and it is this, that caused the inability to focus and results in forgetfulness.

When we are not present, what is said to us is not taken in by the senses, what we look at, or read, it is not absorbed, not digested. No assimilation of knowledge can happen, so there is no hope of remembering.  Poor memory and lack of focus is because the person for some reason does not want to be present. Finding the cause of this is simple, but the clearing of this may require vibrational essences, Therapeutic pure essential oils in a massage to change the chemistry of tissue affecting the senses, or as a Home application perscription blend of oil. The Reflexology endocrine Balance sessions are an intrinsic part of the therapy, as it is the endocrine system and its Glands in the brain that affect how we communicate, giving and receiving, in supporting encouragement of self value, respect and trusting change, trusting Yourself, trusting accepting new experiences.

This therapy is a safe, gentle and respectful process, fostering great Self confidence, Self respect and enthusiasm for life.

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