Mobility/flexibility Impairment-pains in the muscles and joints

Natural Health Therapy supports alleviating the imbalances that create impairment in muscles and joints, tension, restriction of movement, muscle pain limiting flexibility.

This Therapy with its combination of complementary treatments can be applied to the body in supporting clear communication within the nerves and associated tissue. The use of pure essential oils in specific personalised blends can support blood purification and elimination of toxicity. This new chemistry loosens up joints and muscles, alleviating stiffness and aching in the Joints. The benefits of Reflexology is in its stimulation of blood flow and support of nutrient uptake, allowing the body to deal with inflammation, massage warms and loosens up muscles and releases tension, alleviating pain.

Treatment therapies of Reflexology, FMT (foot mobilisation Therapy),  pressure point massage, aromatherapy, and energy medicine, offer great support in regaining confidence, and  enthusiasm to get moving again, feeling more agile, with increased flexibility and responsiveness in muscles and Joints

Everyone's body benefits, giving better weight bearing and posture, a higher confidence whilst in motion with the ability to walk further and longer, offering improved mental health and a greater sense of independence.

The athlete gains by receiving a more effective use of energy for performance, bearing the abrupt changes in direction and demands of intense training with less likelihood of injury. Also coping with higher intensive loads with better tolerance and a stronger base, offering further overall performance improvement.

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