Auto-Immune Diseases

This is when the immune system get confused and attacks normal cells in our own body

This happens when the an endocrine system not in a balanced state sending confusing information to the organs and systems of the body. There are around 80 different autoimmune disorders ranging from mild to disabling, depending on the system of the body under attack and to what degree. It is generally thought that autoimmune disorders have no cure.

Complementary Natural therapies can be of great benefit to most autoimmune disorders as these therapies work on supporting the nervous systems and endocrine function and with aromatherapy medicine, the balancing of blood chemistry can be facilitated in mild cases. The combined natural health therapies help ease inflammation and swollen and deformed joint pain.

Examples include Grave’s disease (affecting the thyroid), rheumatoid arthritis (affecting joints) and diseases affecting the skin and soft tissues like lupus, scleroderma, sarcoidosis, and fibromyalgia and then disorders of the nervous systems as in MS symptoms can include numbness, paralysis and vision impairment.

Treatment; Along with scheduled clinical sessions, a home application is given.  The Home Perscription Blend of pure essential oils, is placed on the body daily, in small doses for months, an adjustment is made to the prescription, as changes are occurring and ability to action ordinary physical actions, increases, and focusing on encouragement, in getting back to proper function

  •  Treatment for the sugar addiction;  This addiction affects the nerve function, due to blood toxicity arising from the communication coming from the endocrine system and Glands sending false alerts, cravings, in effect keeping a high level of toxicity from dysfunctional liver processes, that then affect all nervous system functions within the body and affect the mental cognitive functions; The specific and personal application of Natural Health therapies and the support of other suggested allied health practices can support the easing of the effects of symptoms and the eventual balancing of the source of craving.

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