Australian Bush Flower Therapy

The healing and balancing powers of Mother Nature, the same energy that flows in nature is the same energy that flows through you. Your energy of your thinking and how you feel gives of a vibration and can 
Australian Bush Flower therapy is the use of the essence collected from the Native flowers and plants grown in this ancient land; Not only the energy vibration of the flowers and plants but also the specific areas where they grow naturally, have a balancing revitalising and soothing effect on our own body, mind and at the Soul vibrational level.

Emotional Calmness

Self Confidence

Carefree Joyousness

These essences from Australian native plants have an extraordinarily powerful effect especially used in conjunction with healing oils. The light energy within is responsible for the responses on the innermost nature and brings out the highest qualities naturally.

The Australian continent has the world's oldest and highest number of flowering plants exhibiting tremendous beauty and strength, gentleness and many unique tendencies, including a high vitality and purity, which metaphysically offers its great ancient wisdom and wise energy, to all that connect with it.

The signature of the flower is often what is used in determining what is needed by the person. Like attracts like.

The time proven awareness is, that the essences from the flowers life force, creates an impact in the subtle bodies in much the same way as homeopathy, it's the frequencies of the flowers energetic web that is captured in the water, and influenced by nature's states, sun's energy, moon light, seasons and their variances, all creating an etheric web that works on the mental body, the emotional responses, and attunement processes for particular organs and bodily systems. The spirit of nature meets the spirit within the person, flowing throughout the body, in its fluids, adjusting energies and clearing vibrations that are harmful or disingenuous to greater harmony..

Application - Personalised combinations of essences can be made up to alleviate the current experiences being felt, predominantly working on the mental and emotional levels and transforming fears that are the cause of low self esteem, lack of confidence, resistance to changing old habits, or feeling burnt out, fatigued or irritable. No matter what the experience causing pain or agitation, it can be alleviated through an essence or combination of different essences taken orally.

Dosage; a specific number of drops is given in water often during a session when needed or if required made up for home application with specific number of drops taken over several days or a week. Awareness is also offered in supporting the change in focus, that naturally allows the new way of being to arise.

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