Australian Bush Flower Therapy

The Bush Flower Essences provide a system of healing that works with the energy and vibrations we have within ourselves and because we are energetic beings and not different to nature, the essences have the capacity to work within us extraordinarily quickly.

An example is towards the end of pregnancy many women become impatient and want the birth over and done with, often from the feeling of being burdened, or the anticipation of having to wait for the pain of delivery.

A remedy essence called Black-eyed Susan is often recommended for impatience and fringed violet for Self acceptance and trusting the process. This combination creates the feeling of calmness, confidence and a sense of ease.

Labour is a powerful sexual landmark in a woman's life, so preparation for birthing would include essences of Flannel Flower for ease of physical touch and intimacy confidence, Mint Bush for self confidence and openness of heart, and in connection with the new baby being free from the previous experiences of impatience or other feelings held by the mother, an atomiser spray with a combination of Green Essence, Bottlebrush for trust, and Black-eyed Susan for acceptance and exuding unconditional patience of being in the physical world again, and encouraging acceptance of what life has to offer is spray atomised over the baby over a 4 day period. This clears taking on the previous painful impressions around birthing.

This Therapy can be offered to anyone and recognised as safe for all ages and conditions. How it is administered, is with personalised combinations of essences made up to alleviate the current experiences you are having now. The vibrational and energetic clearing of emotions, mental stress or physical agitation, these essences work on low self esteem, the  lack of confidence, and disrupted sleep patterns. This therapy supports clearing old unhelpful habits, that feeling of being burnt out, fatigued or irritable. This therapy works on all levels of being and is a beneficial tool in clearing the resistance to change, fatigue or alleviating depression, anxiety, and phobias.

No matter what the experience causing pain or agitation, or feeling burdened by life responsibilities, it can be alleviated through an essence or combinations of different essences. The dosage and length of time taken will be unique to your specific experiences.

Australian Bush Flower Therapy is often used in conjunction with the other therapies of Reflexology and Aromatherapy massage, energetic healing,· Pregnancy reflexology massage; oncology massage, lymphatic drainage; relaxation massage; baby/infant reflexology massage; Chronic disease; acute conditions; trauma experiences; This therapy has a transforming effect on the sense of lack, and the emotional pain around relationships.   

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