A detox of the body is a detox of the mind

The minds influence on our body and its need to control our experiences, is what drives our experiences of stress, agitation, anxiousness and strain on the body to the point of causing pain in the body, to be such an extent is becomes a common recurring experience.

The toxicity levels within the chemistry of the body have a direct relationship with toxic thinking.  Feeling conflicted, not calm, attached to focusing on all other perceived responsibilities, feeling overwhelmed then using  distractions to stop doing what needs to be done. All this getting involved in negativities and self judgments is denial of one`s own true Self. Practice catching the mind when it heads down the old pathway. Refocus the mind onto one of the qualities that are the true nature, allow that quality to rise naturally and be reflected in your experiences. You become what you focus on. Your experiences will reflect what your mind is focused into. (some of the qualities of the True nature that can be focused upon are listed at the end of the article) 

The focusing of the mind on the past or worrying about the future is the Mind being undisciplined, this non acceptance of being in the present, and being easily distracted, creates a sense of restriction and sense of limitation, feeling stuck, and fosters a feeling you are powerless to change. The mind can be fickle, restless, turbulent and strong in its attachments to old past habits and patterns of behaviour. The undisciplined mind swings between attachment and aversion, on one hand it creates the thoughts of wanting to change then in the next moment it doesn’t. This approach to life can create great pain and distresses the mind even further. This attitude physically weakens the body. The thoughts may be what has been learned and the attitudes that arise often unconsciously, why, because these thoughts do arise, it is time to become aware of them and let them go. To start to think more consciously. Whatever arises, is the opportunity to change the patterns of old behaviours, let go of addictive actions and negative thoughts that feed discontentment, disillusionment and habits that no longer serve you, or support clear communication both internally and in your external relationships. This clearing of old concepts allows the recognition of what truly makes you happy and content with life arise and become your new pathway to living free of what ails you. 

True Self acceptance is the pathway that clears any fearful approach to life, true self acceptance supports flowing with change, flexibility of mind, generosity of spirit, and respectfulness in your life, respecting what you give to self and others and respecting what you receive from your inner wisdom and from others. The change occurs on all levels body mind and spirit, from gross to subtle, physically, mentally and emotionally.

By Practicing self discipline, lovingly disciplining the mind by focusing on the present moment, only focusing on what needs to be done NOW and keeping it focused on your true great inner qualities, stops the mind from suffering. Pulling the mind back for the past, and stopping it wandering and imagining the future are absolutely necessary for peace of mind and to live in a state of calmness.

Holding a greater awareness of what true inner qualities are such as contentment and what true respectfulness is, stops the blaming of others or blaming circumstance, it stops judgments being made, it stops the mind creating and feeding the sense of lack. Disciplining the mind stops worrying about the future, stops the fear of failing to meet the expectations of its own imaginings or other people`s expectations. By practicing discipline of the mind, it bring the mind into its true state of calmness, contentment, quietude and a sense of peace, an acceptance that all change is powered by and is from and through the great universal conscious energy and unfolds at the pace that best support the wellbeing of all, body mind and soul.

For real Self acceptance and acceptance of one`s role or roles in life, knowing the true meaning of the virtue, the true inner qualities of the human being, your `True Nature` is necessary. To know the real meaning and origin of the word is paramount. It is not wise to go by the derivation of modern language usage, of these words, as that usage will not lead you to the Truth. Self effort is necessary to know the Truth.

Some of the Great inner Qualities of the True nature deep in the Heart of all human beings;

Acceptance is one of the greatest and one of the hardest to imbibe, joyousness, courage, sincerity, contentment, calmness feeling a deep trust and connectedness to your Self, respectfulness, kindness, equanimity, detachment, forgiveness, fearlessness, confidence, forbearance,  discernment, discrimination,  flexibility, generosity of spirit, gentleness, self discipline, enthusiasm for life, Gratitude, integrity, selflessness, honesty, trust, humility, desirelessness, peace of mind, seeing the best in all that happens and many more,

The services of Natural health Therapy offer support in uncovering, clearing and rebalancing the mental, physical and emotional bodies.

  • Balancing the chemical communication within the endocrine system, limbic brain and the 3 major nervous systems.
  • Supporting the healing of pain and balancing the overstimulation of adrenals and balancing of digestive function.
  • Health training for the Mind; support for new focus techniques to bring the mind into new awareness of true state; connection to the wisdom within, Kinesiology supporting recognition of innate knowledge within. Supporting awareness of disciplines for attaining true contentment.
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