Steps that give a natural Boost to Your Energy Levels? Foods for thought…

  1. Vegetable Juice. Drinking fresh vegetable juice –encourages a digestive rebalance- this gives relief to your digestive system and allows time for the old undigested foods and toxic fluids to be cleaned out. This action offers your body a lighter intake of nourishment in the form that the body does not have to work so hard to process. Juices allow you to receive the nutrient values from your foods much more quickly and easily.
  2. Reduce Carbs and Sugars. ...How your body has learned to react to what you take in, directly affects your energy levels, especially around the intake of sugars. Whether that is fruit sugars, carbs, refined processed sugars, or milk sugars, it will define your health and vitality levels.          A way to best support yourself feeling well and energised, is by reducing all sugars initially, then reintroducing the fruit sugars in small amounts first. The Carbs you consume are converted into sugars, and some vegetables also have very high natural sugars, it is these ones that need to be reduced or eliminated for a short period of time to allow the body time to rebalance to a new level. The body mechanisms if imbalanced will use the high natural sugar, to feed excessive sugars to the blood, this action affects all systems. Sugars will imbalance different electrolyte functions, causing mal-absorption issues, which is a primary source of fatigue and storage of fat.  Energy is converted to fat tissue. 
  3. The foods and thoughts ingested influence your mental attitude to life. To attain an even balance, it is necessary to recognise when your mind is not reflecting positivity, a confidence and positive belief in your Self. If you have the perception that life is not sweet enough, nothing brings Joy, and you focus on the negative, or constantly thinking of your pain and fatigue, or worrying about the future, then this mental perception has a strong effect on how you will be drawn to feeding on foods and fluids that maintain your negative thinking. It keeps you desiring the hit from the sweet things, the short term pleasure it makes you feel, but then the high drops to an ever increasing imbalance in the systems of the body, creating a depression, feeling more and more tired and fatigued, not just physically but also mentally, represented by mental fog, lethargy, forgetfulness. Changing your perception and mental attitude to your life, will have a miraculously positive response in the bodyBy changing your attitude you increase your ability to balance your use of nature’s nourishment. Foods become natural medicine, health creation, and no longer feed the excessive imbalances.
  4. What are your cravings; A craving is an imbalanced response, that life, your life is not good and your need the sweetness of sugars to fix that. It never works. Thinking well of yourself, holding a positive attitude to whatever is happening, staying focused on the belief you have great inner strength, true contentment, and respectfulness are already in you, are your true nature. Then this new focus changes the chemistry within your body and your mind begins to reflect it.
  5. The mental thoughts you have, affect your energy levels more than any other action; your energy levels will reflect what you think. You are part of Mother Nature, your natural state is all the great qualities that support a Joy filled, disciplined life respectful of what is given and received. Think life is great and it becomes just that, Life becomes what you focus upon.
  6. Stay Hydrated with Water and Electrolytes. This is a responsible action supporting clarity on all levels
  7. Vitamin and mineral needs- focus on recognising the symptoms the body gives ..Check whether your body really has the capacity to process the supplements you are giving it, or is your mind telling your body what it thinks you `should` be having....
  8. Herbal Teas-the use of Herbs and specific spices, offer the body chemistry support for better digestion. Ginger, lemon, cardamom pods, cumin, cinnamon, chamomile are just some of the beneficial ingredients for better digestion. 
  9. Rest. attaining a balanced attitude to work and recreation. The body needs a certain level of rest time to allow restorative actions to be implemented.  Recognise when you are being driven. If you feel agitated when giving the body rest time, then it is your mind creating this agitation. Often the underlying factors are old learned patterns of responsibility that are not applicable now, or what you have been taught around Self worth, recognise how you gauge your own self value. Is your worth tied into the sense of value you place on meeting the expectations of others. This is detrimental to your own health and wellbeing.
  10. Eating your main meal in the middle of the day instead of evening; this action allows the body to process the foods you have consumed throughout the day giving you maximum opportunity to gain the best sources of nourishment. Evening eat lightly as the body is preparing to change its operative function to rest, restore and repair mode, and does not need high food intake to be taking for digestion. If heavy or large meals are eaten at this time of day, they will remain undigested, sitting in the digestive system increasing acidity and toxicity. Your body is always ready to let you know of chemical toxicity that is exceeding its ability to eliminate, and gives warning that degeneration within the body is in progress. The energy levels you feel can be directly influenced by your levels of fluidity and the quantity and quality of fluids in your body.
  11. Your Hydration; Water is the carrier of life. It carries the nutrients and along with the electrolytes is also the conductor for communication of chemistry within all systems of the body; water is also needed in the process of elimination. Balanced Hydration is necessary for mental calmness, clarity and confidence. Mal-absorbtion issues can be influenced by perceptions of change, by attitudes of self acceptance and fears around trust, trusting change, trusting others.
  12. When critical levels of toxicity occur it is the joints, fat tissue and lymphatic system that become the storage reservoirs of the pain. The body’s efforts to bring itself back into balance and regain proper function will only be as good as the quality of foods, fluids and rest it receives and the respect given by the mind.

 There are still many fitness endeavours, and work life attitudes, that reflect the popular myth of ‘no pain no gain’ and “break the pain barrier” pushing past what is the actual healthy level of action, maintaining a belief in using the mental willpower versus your body’s wisdom, and it is the mind that tries to influence what is perceived as success; The learned response is pain equates to Success; This old attitude can never bring the body back into proper function.

For the mind to reflect what is needed for balanced healthy digestion and complete elimination of toxic influences. A true respect for the needs of the body are necessary. Honouring that all are of equal value, and respecting the needs of others while listening to your own inner wisdom for what is really respectful for your own life needs

How can your Mind know what is happening deep within Your body; your body is a wondrously complex system of chemical actions, fluids (blood, lymph etc), electrical impulses (nervous systems, brain neurons etc), chemical energy transfers (motion, action, elimination, speech etc), skeletal and muscular functions. Amongst these chemical actions, the energy transfers within the pathways from the limbic system, the emotive, memory centre are coordinated through many glands including the Hypothalamus, thalamus and thyroid within the endocrine system.

We are energetic beings, we are full of energy, sometimes pain energy, sometimes fear filled energy which depletes us, and sometimes we connect with the true calm peace filled energy of our true natural state, content and happy.

The endocrine glands communicate continually to the organs, and all body tissues within the many systems, such as your digestion, reproduction, the circulatory and eliminatory systems, and immune system functions. This communication, the hormonal responses, enable your body to eliminate or store the toxicity present within the body, dependant on what it has learned. Your body is doing naturally, what has been learned, until it is taught an new way of functioning. The new action comes from conscious awareness and conscious choice and practice of this new awareness. 

How your system functions will depend on external and internal influences, past learned responses. When the pathways in the body are in distress, this creates a high level of chemical toxicity; an oversupply or undersupply of chemistry. In a balanced body the hormones and cellular action is present to counter any distress and chemical toxicity, it is taken care of by the endocrine glands and limbic system pathways communicating responses that are in integrity with true balanced actions.

The endocrine system operates to maintain its familiar homeostasis, a past store memory, attitude and perception can maintain a pain or fear response and affect the internal working relationships, so they maintain a pain filled homeostasis as the familiar experience.  The actioning of your learned perception is not just physical, but is driven by what is expressed through the emotive responses from the limbic system and is used to coordinate the gland responses through a series of communication hormones (chemical initiators). These responses initiate other hormones to produce or reduce chemical actions to maintain the pain eliminated through digestive, excretory, circulatory, lymphatic systems and their related organs, and begin the degeneration instead of actions to maintain proper function.

Your experience of pain and apparent loss of energy is an inability within the body to eliminate this level of chemical toxicity. This inability, the malfunctioning communication and resulting toxicity begins to cause degeneration and damage to organs, and varying systems affecting body function eventually becoming the experience of acute and or chronic pain and illness. The source of malfunction can be defined through kinesiology.

 There are many allopathic medicinal strategies used to manage pain and give temporary relief.

However, the original source that is causing the malfunctioning pathway, creating distress, and imbalance can be the one creating fatigue and tiredness and the feeling of things getting out of control. This is directly related to a current status, a homeostasis of high toxicity levels, and an inability of the body to eliminate it. It is this that is the cause of degeneration, and not allowing a return to a pain free state, or establishing a new level of wellness and greater energy levels.

It is your body, it is your mind, You have the key within you, your body holds an innate wisdom, and given the right understanding and right organic chemistry, you can address the causes of pain, irritation and agitation; often expressed as anxiousness, and feeling like things are out of your control.

You can reset your homeostasis to a new balance, establishing your mind/body communication naturally.

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