Prostate Health

Your Prostate health can reflect a connection to what you have learned around giving. Giving to yourself, giving to others, and what is given in maintaining a vibrant attitude to your life and the connection to the essence of life in you - giving and receiving with equalness, without attachment, with gentleness and sensitivity to the needs of others.

Maintaining consciousness while acting in the world; being conscious of what is being given out, especially in the mental state.  What is the mind giving to others, is it free of judgments and criticisms, does the mind supporting being one's true nature, gentleness, courage, contentment, calmness and confidence in freedom from limiting negative thoughts.

True Sexual health is an expression of consciousness, remembering that there is a centre within the human being that is a reservoir of true great Love, the true source of power, is one's true inner Self bringing greatness that beautifies this world, straight out of your great Heart.

Prostate health concerns can often reflect the opportunity to clear attitudes of getting love, taking love, poor self worth, self judgment, or only wanting to receive what you believe the experience of love is in relationship. The imbalance in the prostate can be triggered by familiar learned patterns and responses learned from parents, and others who played a leading role in your life. Prostate dysfunction can arise from old fears of not getting enough, not feeling content,  never being satisfied with life"s offerings, especially in the love relationships, a lack of trust; and a fear of gentleness being a natural part of the true nature, which sometimes causes enlargement of Prostate gland.

The mind's thoughts, one's mental attitudes have a direct relationship with the physical well being of the body and the ability of your body to function well. What you focus on is what you will become. But we are often not consciously aware of what we believe until a health or relationship crisis occurs. It is our own mind that creates the experience we have, and it all depends on what the mind focuses upon, it will reflect what it thinks it knows, what you have been taught.  

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