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We offer massage therapy treatments locally at our Natural Health Therapy Toowoomba clinic. Our Toowoomba massage therapists provide therapeutic massages for all needs: lymphatic massage, relaxation massage and health massage.

Migrain Relief

Liver Cleanse

Digestive Balancing

In our massage therapy treatments, we use a combination of gentle massage and some firm pressure on important acupressure points. This style of massage does not involve deep tissue treatment, as it is no longer considered beneficial for comprehensive well-being.

Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has many health benefits. It can be used to treat chronic pain, lethargy and stiffness as well as any acute conditions. Health massages are now an accepted health service that is recognized by doctors and health insurers.

One of the main benefits of massage therapy is stress reduction. In our modern lives, stress has become increasingly common and consistent. A relaxation massage therapy session can help reduce stress and bring comfort and pain relief. Contact our Toowoomba massage therapists to discuss the best alternatives for you, based on your health situation and your needs.

A lymphatic massage is a massage where essential oils are used to clear toxins from the body. This is supported by slight dietary changes to continue the cleansing of the toxins post-massage.

Massage Therapy at Our Toowoomba Clinic

The team at our Toowoomba clinic are happy to help you with any of your therapeutic massage needs. When coming to a massage therapy appointment, you will typically lay down on a massage table, relaxing comfortably. Areas that need treatment need to be clothing-free, but towels and sheets will be used to cover other areas. Our massage therapists focus on the important pain points of your body, using therapy oils as necessary to help bring pain relief.

A relaxation or health massage with our massage therapists will leave you feeling lighter, calmer and more relaxed. We recommend staying hydrated in the next few hours following any massage therapy for maximal toxin elimination from the body. Regular massage therapy can help improve hormonal communication within the body, as well as support emotional and physical well-being.

Our Toowoomba clinic is located in the Australia Arcade right on Ruthven Street. Pop in to have a chat about your health massage needs or Call us today to book a consultation on 0435 845 394 at our Toowoomba Massage Therapy clinic.

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