Low testosterone levels can bring on osteoporosis in men

This condition of weakening of the bone strength, feeds the unawareness of what is happening in your body..

The trigger for men is the attitude of what they give to their life. It can be hard to give to yourself something that is beneficial to your life, the healthy more beneficial option as opposed to something pleasurable but temporary. Why, because the beneficial action may not be as easily digestible, but it will give long term benefit, contentment, a real sense of peace in the nerves and thus the mind, but the pleasurable is short term, a temporary hit, when it finished, it will leave you with even more discontentment and in more stress than before.

The conflict within just rises a notch, so you adopt the attitude `if I ignore it, it will go away`, you tune out, you get so busy, or when the agitation get too much again, you go out for another hit of pleasure, and so the cycle go on and on. Until the day arrives when your body says `No more`, you're hurting, and it can be mentally, physically and emotionally. You can no longer ignore the health warnings your inner wisdom, your body has been giving you.

It takes far more courage and inner strength to accept responsibility for yourself, to value the vehicle you have been given and review what fuel you are putting into it. But it is worth it, find the time to exercise regularly, keep on top of healthy food intake and most importantly check the mental diet, eliminate the negative speak, always think well of yourself, do a check-up when you feel something is not in a good state.

  • It is your responsibility for taking care of what type of fuel you are putting into your vehicle, and checking what it needs to maintain optimum health. No more ignoring it and hoping the conflict will just go away,·       
  • Know the masculine wisdom of the universe, the universal laws offered to all men, the learning for a truly healthy happy life, is to learn what you are truly responsible for and what you are not. The first responsibility is to your Self, honouring, being true to your Self, accepting letting go old habits and attitudes taken on from family of origin that do not reflect your true nature of gentleness, enthusiasm, sincerity in putting forth true self effort, having great faith in yourself, belief in yourself, yes you surely will make it; having compassion, trust in self, respectfulness, calmness, confidence in being detached to controlling outcomes, patience, discernment and discrimination of what is beneficial over what appears as pleasurable, having a very strong determination about the purpose of life, putting forth great self effort, full of lots of enthusiasm, honouring tranquility in the mind.  

This is fundamental to maintaining a healthy vehicle and living a life full of deep contentment

and true happiness, tranquillity and equanimity, the acceptance of equalness in all things.

  • It is we who creates our own life experiences by where our minds wander. We are responsible for what we create in our own life. For a great brilliant joy filled contented experience of life, the only way is to truly get to know the true nature and your inner Self.
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