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Massage therapy is one of the health treatments offered at our Greenslopes clinic in Brisbane. The massage therapists at our Greenslopes clinic provide massage therapy, relaxation massage and lymphatic massage to suit all your health massage needs.  

Migrain Relief

Liver Cleanse

Digestive Balancing

Our massage therapists use a gentle massage style with some firm pressure on the acupressure points of the body. We do not do any deep tissue massage, as we do not encourage the no pain no gain-mindset. Deep tissue massage is not considered the right way to improve health any longer.

The lymphatic massage that we offer is a massage where toxins are eliminated from the body with the use of essential massage oils. We encourage slight dietary changes to continue the toxin cleansing effects of a lymphatic massage after the treatment.

Massage Therapy Health Benefits

There are many health benefits that come with massage therapy. It is a proven treatment for many health issues, including chronic pain. It can also be used to treat acute health conditions. Massage therapy is no longer considered as a plain pampering activity – it is now an accepted health service, recognized by Medicare and the medical community.

Stress is one of the main reasons so many people seek the help of massage therapy nowadays. Massage therapy can help reduce the stress that builds up and becomes chronic as a result of our modern lifestyles. A relaxing massage can not only reduce stress but bring comfort and help with pain. Contact the massage therapists at our Greenslopes clinic to find out how massage therapy could help with you.  

Our Greenslopes Clinic

Our local Brisbane massage therapists at Greenslopes can help improve your well-being through massage therapy. A massage appointment with our therapists will leave your mind feeling calmer and your body lighter, giving you a comprehensive feeling of relaxation. When done regularly, massage therapy can improve many aspects of your health, including digestion and migraines. Massage therapy doesn’t only help with physical health, it also supports emotional well-being.

At a massage therapy appointment, you will typically lay on a massage table, comfortable and relaxed. Areas that are massaged need to be clothing and accessory free, but other areas are covered with towels and sheets. Our massage therapy involves using essential oils to treat the pain points of your body. Make sure to stay hydrated in the hours following your massage therapy session.

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